Ollie Method Air Sketchink Tweaked Boned
-Snowboard in Japan, In-Line
  skate in Las Vegas, Mountain
  Bike in Africa and Skateboard
  in Los Angeles.
-All new points system allows
  you to compete in a season &
  earn points based on your
  finish, special moves and
-4 types of "Power-Ups" and
  10 different characters gives
  you the chance to become an
  Xtreme champion.
-Pull off awesome maneuvers
  like backside rail grabs and
  olli-airs on the Skateboard &
  Carves, 360's and Japan's on
  the Snowboard.
-Kick and Punch you way to
  the finish!
-Compete in a season on 12
  intensely insane courses. Two
  player split screen racing, 4
  levels of difficulty and Create
  your own Player make
  2 Xtreme a rush!
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Hints and Cheats...

Bonus Track
On any track do the following.

    At the first ramp do an easy trick - SQUARE, TRIANGLE.
    At the second ramp do a medium trick - SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE.
    At the third ramp do a hard trick - SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE.
    Then finish the race and the bonus track will load.

Extreme Moves
These extreme move are performed while jumping with any equipment.

Move                     Points
Square, Triangle         50
Square, O, X             100
Square, O, Triangle      100
Square, X, Triangle, O   200

Quick Start
When you start any race, tuck and press UP right away. This will make you faster.

Special Tricks
Perform these special jumps with the equipment shown.

 Skateboarding - Triangle, X, Square, Circle
 Snowboard - Triangle, Square, X, Circle
 Mountain Bike - X, Square, Triangle, Circle + X, Circle, Square, Triangle
 Rollarblades - Circle, Square, X, Triangle

Unlimited Energy
Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 together as long as wanted to keep your Energy Bar full. Once you let go, your energy level will go
down. You can do this code anytime during the game. Your energy level has to be full to first use this code. You should turn
off punching. If you do not, the person will keep punching.

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