Head-to-Head Action at Sea!
Open fire on a friend or the computer in
an all-out fight to the death. Command
eight classes of ships from the Aircraft
Carrier to the Sub-marine, or construct
an entire naval task force to stop the
treacherous plans of your enemy. Man
your battlestations!
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Fast 3-D ship to ship combat
Choose from 8 heavily armed ships including mine layers, battleships,
cruisers and PT boats!
15 special weapons including f-14s, cruise missiles and torpedoes!
Intense real-time strategy missions
Choose from over 30 fleets, or customize your own
50 single player and 26 multiplayer missions

Level Skip
While playing a one-player campaign, hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Select then press Start+X.

To Kill a Battleship
The easiest way to kill a battleship is with a submarine. As soon as the battle starts, DIVE! When you dive, a helicopter will
come out and use sonar to find you. You should make your way under the other ship. While staying under him, pump out
torpedoes like theres no tomorrow. In this way he should be destroyed fairly easily.

Trash a Carrier with your PT Boat
When the battle starts, let him target you and launch his planes. Then, extend your hydrofoils and turn straight into him. His
planes will miss you (most times), and won't be able to land when he's turning away from you. Keep turning with him as you
light him up with torpedos.