Choose from six of Gaia's disciples and conquer
a land consisting of mountains, lakes, oceans,
streams, rivers and snow to overpower the new
evil master, Gaia. Conque this fantasy land that
is controlled by swords, magic and wizardry.
Summon monsters, fight enemies and cleanse
the Earth of chaos. Here's your chance to save
the world once and for all!
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Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia is a unique multi-player, turn-based strategy game.

Offers hundreds of hours of gameplay
Summon and control over 85 monsters to battle your enemies
Up to 4 players for maximum competition
Fuse monsters to create more powerful creatures
Over 40 different maps to explore and conquer
Six different playable characters for a variety of mstery
Three modes to select from: story mode, single map, and vs. mode
More than 200 items, weapons and magicsMore than 200 items,
weapons and magics