Lock on and unleash the most devastating firepower in the skies.
You are the team leader of an elite corps
of mercenaries - fighter pilots hired to
strike where NATO air forces have failed.
Your mission? Take out a ruthless sect of
terrorists that has invaded and entrenched
themselves within the confines of several
global hot spots. Your hardware?
Everything from F-15's to radar-invisible
F-22 Stealth Fighters. The briefing is over,
gentlemen. Win one for the free world.
Good hunting.
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17 intense combat sorties. Destroy terrorists in the air,
on the ground, and at sea.
True 360 degree environment. Fly under bridges, through
canyons or into walls. It's your choice.
2-player dogfight mode. The cock pit becomes a pressure
Buy and sell up to 16 aircrafts each ranging in firepower,
mobility and capability. Choose from deadly, deadlier or

Hints and Cheats...

Follow this procedure before trying the following codes. When starting or continuing a game from the title screen, hold R1 +
Circle while the CD is being accessed. A black screen with the words "Now Loading" and flying CD's will appear. While
the CDs are flying around, you can enter any of the cheat codes on this page.

Bonus Planes
For 10 extra planes, beat all levels and the boss in easy mode, then watch the credits. When the title screen reappears it
should say "Extra 010" in the top right corner. Start a new game and go to the VIEW AIRCRAFT screen to see your new

Put on a set of khaki's and take to the skies in military style. For your own custom paintjob, enable the Original Paintjob code
and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Extra Credits
Press Right, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle + Triangle, then press and hold
Circle + Triangle.

Mini Game
Press Up, Left, Down, Right. During loads, you can play a mini game for about six seconds. You control the Ace Combat
icon with Left and Circle or L2 and R2. Your goal is to destroy as many of the swarming Stealth Bombers as possible. If
you score above 4.7, you'll receive free wingmen. The word "Congratulations" will appear after the mini-game if you've
earned this bonus.

Original Paintjob
To view these classic aircraft as they were originally designed, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, R1.

Secret Loading Screen
Hold the R1 and Circle buttons at any point in the game when the standard "bird logo" loading screen is about to appear. If
the "bird" screen appears, you're too late-but if you held the buttons down at the right time, you should see a new, black
loading screen with little compact discs bouncing around.

Secret Sub-Game
While the game is loading, press annd hold the R1 and O buttons. Next, when the CDs start flying across the screen, press U,
L, D and R. A small character should then pop up in the bottom left-hand side of the screen to kindly tell you that you've
accessed the cheat. The next time that the game loads something up, a secret game will appear.

Undecorated Wingman
Hold R1 and press Start ten times.

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