Evil fears no man. It fears a boy. A new legend begins in Alundra 2. Fight, climb, jump 
and slide through volcanoes, sunken ships and underground caverns. Solve hundreds 
of action-based puzzles and collect puzzle pieces. Fight 10 huge boss characters and 
42 different types of monsters. Alundra 2 also includes over 10 playable mini-games. 
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Long before terror and treason plagued the Kingdom of Varuna, pirates ruled the seas. The only mortals who could defeat 
the pirates were the great warriors, Jeehan and Ratcliff. Years of war and strife raged, but the armies of the two warriors 
prevailed and the kingdom enjoyed an era of peace, safe from the pirates' heinous wrath. It was at this time that Jeehan 
and Ratcliff mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. Some say Jeehan simply vanished. Others believe 
Ratcliff was slaughtered, along with his family, in a surprise attack. Whatever the truth, the pirates regained their power 
and returned... this time with a new leader. 

Unbeknownst to the King of Varuna, the dark Baron sided with the pirates in a plot to overthrow the King and claim the 
throne for himself. With the magical aid of an evil sorcerer known only as Mephisto, the Baron defeated His Majesty's 
forces and locked the King in an underground prison, replacing him with a wooden puppet. The Baron savored his great 
triumph over Varuna, ruling the land with an iron fist. Seeking revenge upon the Baron, the King's daughter, Alexia, 
searches for Flint, a famous pirate hunter and son of the legendary Ratcliff. A wanted criminal for his acts of treason 
under the Baron's new regime, Flint vows to crush the pirates and return the King to the throne. Stealing aboard a 
mysterious airship owned by the Baron, Flint's adventure begins... 

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