-2 types of racing -
  Indy car and Stock car
-2 player head-to-head
  with split screen and 4
  players with link
-16 challenging tracks
-3 driving perspectives
  & picture-in-picture
  rearview mirrors
-Authentic pit stops and
  car adjustments
-Career mode lets you
  race season after
  season against real
  drivers on the Indy car
  circuit and Stock car
-Exclusive interactive
  video featuring Mario,
  Michael, and Jeff Andretti
-EA Sports television style
  presentation with Fox
  Sports' Jame Brown and
  racing authorities Derek
  Daly and Bob Jenkins
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Hints and Cheats...

Bonus Cars
Start a new race and select the "Begin Career" option. At the "Register" screen, enter "Go Bears!" for Stock cars, or "Go
Bruins!" for Formula One Cars.

Change Car Color
While racing, pause the game and go to the Race Strategy screen. From here, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + X +
Circle + Select.

Master Options
While racing, pause the game and go to Race Standings. Now press Circle + X (you might have to do it once or twice.) An
option screen will appear which allows you to change the speed of your opponent, gas mileage, tire wear, and more!

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