Ape Escape, is one of the many games 
shown at the E3 by Sony. Basically, you 
run around and catch monkeys. The monkeys have 
light bulbs on their heads. They wear pants. 
So far, it seems like the most interesting things 
are the monkeys (and thankfully they're wearing 
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What is worth getting into about this game is how it uses the full functions of
the Playstation controller. Ape Escape solves the mystery of the dual analog
controller by utilizing both sticks. You can't play the game without the analog
controller. In fact, the development team behind this game helped in the final
design of the controller itself. Originally, Ape Escape was meant to come
out at the same time as the controller, but development got delayed. The
delays, however, looked like they were worth it, because the game plays
smoothly and the use of two analog sticks is intuitive. Though not quite
perfected, this new control style will likely become a trendsetter for games to come.


Steve  Wiene1587@aol.com  on Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 01:29:30
I believed this was a beautifully rendered and innovative Playstsation game.  The assortment of gadgets,mini-games,bosses,and levels are great.  I would definetly suggest this game to a platform game fan.
Chase Given  sleigh@wtrt.net  on Saturday, October 2, 1999 at 19:40:36
To get the ape near the exit use the big cans.
Friday, August 20, 1999 at 05:05:36
Wicked game bros
if you have any cheats seen to me on ruel_arim@excite.com
Thursday, August 19, 1999 at 10:21:02
I just finished playing Ape Escape.  I think it was a fabulous game.
Can't wait for an Ape Escape 2.
Jim Vallilee 
Monday, July 12, 1999 at 17:19:05
Ape Escape is a fun fast paced game for the kids and parents. It offers wide variety of play. I like to catch the aggressive monkies with lots of speed and weapons while the 3 year olds can easily manipulate the console in a the training room without the need to understand all the gadget controls. The Thick Jungle is one of the 25 levels that the 5-6 year olds have a pride in capturing and locating monkeys with the Monkey Radar. Even though my five year old got frienghtened when Jake was brainwashed and turned into a bully the overall violence is very mild. I was disapointed in the lack of development of multi player abilities. I was looking for Sony to come out with a level game that allows several people to play and even better play together. I've played take turn games (Crash, Croc and Mario Party on Nintendo) but was hoping that Sony Playstation would set the standard for more advanced multi player interaction.
Ape Escape offers a fresh change from the same old buttons I got familiar with. I was frustrated at first when I kept hitting the X button instead of L2 to jump but the wide range of console buttons from joystick push to the 360 degree moves makes quick strikes on wilder monkies - fun.
Beat Specter Easily
In Specter's First stage in the level MONKEY MADNESS, Instead of using the Slingshot, Just ram the Machine using your
Super Hoop.

Catch Monkeys without the RC Car
There is a simple way to catch monkeys without the use of the RC Car. This is a huge time saver as you don't have to wait unti
the end of the game to get the RC Car. All you need is the Slingback Shooter and one flash bomb. Here's what you do. Switch
to first person veiw with the slingback shooter and fire away at the money until it runs to one of those little cracks. Then switch
to the flash bomb and nail him. Run over to him fast and equip your net. Grab him and poof that's it. That's all you have to do. It
may take a bit of practice but when you learn it it really helps.

Hidden Mini-Game Boxers
You can get extra boxers on the Specter Boxing minigame by defeating them on Championship mode, although you'll have to
run through it multiple times to get ALL of them.

Peak-Point Matrix
To get to the secret board in Ape Escape, you must beat Specter at the Level Monkey Madness (the carnival), wait to the
ending finishes (including the credits), and then when the game gives you the option, go back to the Time Station and save your
game. Then, go to all the levels, and finish catching the Monkeys you missed. When you catch every Monkey, the Peak-Point
Matrox will open up, where you will get to fight Specter for the last time, and finally catch him. Then, you'll see the true ending.

Save A Life
When you fall off a cliff, press START and choose EXIT. Nhen you will go to the time station with the same amount of lives
before you fell of the cliff.

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