As a soldier in the elite S.T.A.A.R. forces,
you assignment is to penetrate alien forces
at Area 51, and eliminate the threat of the
deadly alien infection that has spread
throughout the base. The fate of humanity
hangs in the balance.
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Incredible cinematic effects and stop motion animation sequences!
Six long, intense stages of constant gunfire and alien encounters!
Engaging Sci-fi storyline with Aliens, UFO's, and secret experiment coverups!
Tons of secret rooms and buried government secrets!
Includes original arcade secret rooms, plus additional secret rooms!
Powerups and sophisticated weaponry keep you armed and dangerous!
Explore an accurate recreation of the most secretive airbase in the world!

Best and Worst Endings
For the best ending, shoot off all the panels on the Mothership. For the worst ending, let the Mothership escape without
hitting any panels.

Kronn Hunter Mode
At the beginning of the game, ONLY shoot the first three STAAR team members you see. If you did this right you'll enter
Kronn Hunter mode.

In this mode, you are a mercenary from the Kronn hierarchy sent to steralize Area 51 of the Kronn rebels. You will notice
that the grenades, bullets, shotgun shells, and machine gun bullets have all taken on a Kronn form. You will also gain 20,000
extra points whenever your score is tallied, and you can shoot STAAR team members with impunity.

Secret Rooms
It seems only proper that a secret base contains secret rooms. Here's how to find them:

    Level 1: Shoot both blue lights.
    Level 2: Shoot out all of the upper windows of the far back wall in the Hangar.
    Another can be found by shooting all the yellow barrels when you are the forklift.
    Level 4: Shoot every yellow box while you're riding on the STAAR jeep
    Level 5: Shoot the doorplate of the second door marked General Weatherby as the door is opening.
    Level 7: Shoot all the yellow barrels at the first area where the four purple zombies are throwing barrels on the hill.

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