Follow those little green plastic warriors into the
skies with Army Men: Air Attack! Different
vehicles to control and new vistas to explore.
This isn't just a's WAR! 
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Command 4 helicopters loaded with Missiles, Guided Missiles, Swarm Missiles, and Napalm. 

The tools of war include: Ground Troops, Fixed Cannons, Jeeps with mounted guns, 
Cargo Trucks, Half-tracks, Tanks, Zeppelins. 

"Our World" - the real world where Captain and the Air Cavalry explore a toy-scaled environment 
and "Their World" - the homeland of the Army Men and a world where plastic is the most important resource. 

6 worlds including Beach, Campground, Arctic, Backyard, Alpine, and Playground. 

22 missions for hours and hours of gameplay.

Screen resolution of 512 x 240. 

Supports Dual Shock analog controller.

Ray Demafiles
All co-pilots:up,down,up,down,up,down,up,down,up,down
level 15:square,right,left,circle,circle,up,down,square
(helicopter) Apache beat level 14. collect all pieces
level 14:left,down,left,down,square,circle,square,circle
All Co-Pilots
In the passwords screen, type Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Fly Apache
Successfully complete Mission 14: Pick Up the Pieces. 

Fly Chinnok
Successfully complete Mission 4: Tan Terror Troy. 

Fly Super Stallion
Successfully complete Mission 8: Saucer Attack. 

Have Sarge be your co-pilot
On the last mission 16-Plastro's Revenge ,you will be able to play with Sarge by your side as co-pilot. Just look for him in the
co-pilot selection screen. 


     Mission 2: Going Car-Razy 
     X, Down, Left (x2), Square, Circle (x2), Right

     Mission 3: The Train that Could
     Triangle, Up, Left, Right, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up

     Mission 4: Tan Terror Troy
     Down (x2), Square (x2), Left, Right, Circle, X

     Mission 5: Bug Bath
     Right (x2), X, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Up

     Mission 6: Uninvited Guests
     Square, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Right

     Mission 7: Ant in the Pants
     Square, Circle, X, Square, Left, Up, Right

     Mission 8: Saucer Attack
     Right, Down, Left, Up, Triangle, Down, Up, Down

     Mission 9: The Heat Is On
     Circle (x2), Right, Up, Right, Up, X (x2)

     Mission 10: The Melting Pot
     X, Down (x4), X, Left, Right

     Mission 11: River Rapids Riot
     Triangle, Up, Circle, Down, Square, X, Right

     Mission 12: Nightmare Teddy
     Up (x2), Triangle (x2), Left (x2), Circle (x2)

     Mission 13: Demolition Time
     Left, Down, Left, Down, Square, Circle, Square, Circle

     Mission 14: Pick Up the Pieces
     Down (x4), X (x2), Circle (x2)

     Mission 15: Have an Ice Day
     Square, Right, Left, Circle (x2), Up, Down, Square

     Mission 16: Plastro’s Revenge
     Down, Up, Down, Up, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle 

Unlock all helicopters in 2-player mode
To get all of the helicopter in 2 player you must first go two the cheat code menu and enter Down, Down, Down, Down, X, X,
O, O 


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