Prepare for combat in an all new 3D
world where green and tan plastic
soldiers have come to life. You are
Sarge, the Green Army sergeant, who's
a shoot first, ask questions later kind of
soldier. Whether you're dodging bazooka
shots, melting attacking infantry with your
flamethrower, or sneaking behind enemy
lines on special missions, you must do
whatever it takes to bring down the evil
Tan Army.
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Shoot machine guns, launch mortars, plant mines, throw grenades,
fire bazookas, and then finish the enemy off with the flamethrower.
Need heavy artillery or extra mobility? Jump in your tank, jeep,
cargo truck, or halftrack.
Unique plastic world animations: flamethrowers melt infantry,
bazookas blow vehicles into pieces, and tanks shatter the plastic
Use your squad wisely. Order them to follow you into combat
or to hold back and defend an area.
Fight to the finish in the 2 player split-screen mode.

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