Real Combat. Plastic Men. This is war gentlemen, and the Sarge isn't taking any prisoners. 
With even more challenging puzzles, massive levels to explore, and a ton of weapons to 
choose have better be ready. 
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Utilizing an amazing variety of mouth-watering animations, plastic toy soldiers have come to life on the Nintendo 64 
and PlayStation game consoles. Sarge, the hero of the Green Army, attacks across countertops, through hallways, 
and into the backyard, fighting for the Green way of life. For if the Tan manages to secure the explosive sky rockets, 
horrific magnifying glasses, or the dreaded Garbage Disposal, the balance between good and evil could be shifted 
forever. It?s Real Combat. Plastic Men. 
Real War, Plastic Men 

Ahhhh. We love the smell of injection molding in the morning. Little green army men have been a staple in the toy 
chests of America for decades. Thanks to 3DO, the plastic soldiers are going to become stars by waging a miniature 
war on Nintendo 64. 

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is a third-person perspective shooter based on the age-old struggle between two mortal 
enemies: Green and Tan army men. 

You control Sarge, a squad leader in the green army. Other soldiers in your command include Scorch, a disturbed 
flamethrower man; Hoover, a hesitant minesweeper; Shrap, the main mortar dude; and a slacker surfer who failed to 
dodge the draft. 

The evil Tan army is led by Plasto, who has found a series of portals which connect the world of plastic army men 
with the planet Earth. Our world is packed full of items which Plasto can use to destroy the Green army, so Sarge 
must battle the Tan soldiers to close the plentiful portals. 

The epic war will stretch through 14 levels, and there will be a four-player battle mode as well. 

3DO's miniature military adventure may make you feel guilty for melting your green army men with a magnifying glass, 
but your Tan soldiers are more likely than ever to end up underneath the lawn mower 

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