6 Great Arcade Hits In One Package!
Enjoy 6 of your old favorites
on one CD. Paperboy, Gauntlet,
Roadblasters, Crystal Castles,
Marble Madness, and Millipede
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PAPERBOY offers excitement and challenge as you
deliver the morning paper while avoiding zany 
neighborhood chatacters and obstacles!
GAUNTLET lets you and up to 3 friends combat
waves of attacking monsters while competing for food,
treasure and magic potions!
ROADBLASTERS is fututistic warfare where you battle
evil opponents in a high-performance armored race car
with unique special weapons!
Play MILLIPEDE and you'll experience endless waves of 
creepy creatures that hound you relentlessly as you shoot them
to pieces!
In MARBLE MADNESS, you control a marble and race against
time and many challenging obstacles to reach the goal line at the 
bottom of the playfield!
In CRYSTAL CASTLES the action takes place 
within a 3D super maze structure that offers 16
different playfields!


Gauntlet Health Trick
Normally, in Gauntlet, if you press the credit button to get more health your score will decrease. However, there is a way
around this.

When you first start, dont touch ANYTHING Just press the credit button rapidly to rake in loads of health. When you reach
your desired amount, grab a treasure and get going.

This also works if you die and have to restart on a level you died on.

Charlotte Smith 
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 at 14:49:59
I enjoy the game Crystal Castles but it would be GREAT if the whole things
was larger graphics enought to see the crystals as well as to be able to
get the game by itself-I know that I would buy it if it was available...


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