Capture and control monsters in your quest to eplore the Demon Tower
Learn and use explosive spells with breathtaking graphic effects
Help build up your hometown and attract new settlers
Maybe even find true love
For years the Demon Tower has beckoned to you and, today, on your fifteenth
birthday, you have come of age.  Do you follow in your father's footsteps and
enter the Tower or live a peaceful life in the town of Monsbaiya ~ it's time
to choose.

Take the role of an apprentice monster tamer.
Search the magical tower for demon eggs to collect and grow.
Tame the monsters you raise and sell them for profit or use them in your search for even more powerful demons.
Spend your profits to build up the town of Monsbaiya attractings new settlers and maybe a love interest or two.
Search for the true ending. does it lie in the summit of the Tower or in a prosperous, well-planned town?

Azure Dreams is a role playing game like
no other ~ with a flexible story system, random
Tower map generator, exploration, nurturing
and management features ~ Konami's providing
an adventure for all ages. Enter the dream.....
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Call Your Mother

     Before leaving for the Tower be sure to tell your mother you're leaving. In return for your courtesy
     she'll provide you with a much-needed Pita Fruit.

Easy Money

     Here's a simple solution to money problems. First you need to build a race track. Once you've got
     it built, go inside and bet $1000 on the '3-4' combination (if the odds aren't high enough, leave and
     come back.)

     When the race starts, speed up and get in horse #2's way. By doing this, horse #2 slows down
     and horse #3 and #4 will take the lead. All you have to do now is to lose the race. Repeat as

Getting Patty as a Love Interest

     To get Patty as a love interest you must first make her notice you.  Do it in these steps: 1) Wait
     until Ghosh is a regular at the restaurant.  When he is always sitting at the table, then you can start

     2) Order everything on the menu, one at a time and don't forget to pay.  Just for fun, say you don't
     have any money once.

     3) Tell Ghosh to shut up everytime you go in, and remark to him when he talks about your choices
     on the menu.

     After you order everything on the menu you must go to the tower one more time.  When you
     return you can go to the restaurant and find it to be closed, but Patty is there by herself.  She will
     ask you to sit down and fix you something.

     4) Ask for her specialty, the prawns.

     There will be another conversation and she will greet you after you go to the tower again the next
     time you visit the restaurant.  When Ghosh asks what's going on, Patty will say it's our little secret.

     5) Agree with Patty.

     Ghosh will get so mad that he will leave the restaurant without paying.  The next time you visit the
     restaurant, again after visiting the tower first, Patty will have an argument with Ghosh, stick up for
     you if you decided not to pay any time, and kick him out.  Voila!  Patty is now in love with you.

Monster Hunting Tips
     Need to get rid of a pesky monster before it attacks? Throw one of your items at him. Magic
     items will generate whatever effect the would on you, leading to some interesting possibilities. For
     example, if you thrown an Olean (the blue fruit) at a monster it will vanish instantly.

Special Love Interest: Cherrl

     1. Go to Nico's house and talk to her father. That should trigger Nico's entrance. She will talk to
     you about how the town isn't cultured enough. She'll also talk to you about her donations to the
     hospital and temple.

     2. Go to the hospital and talk to the doctor. Say the place isn't that bad.

     3. Leave. Go to the tower. Come back by way of wind crystal (dieing doesn't work). Sell off any
     new possesions, because you need 4000 gold.

     4. Return to the hospital and the doctor will jokingly ask f you are there to donate for a new
     hospital. Say you are. Give him the money.

     5. Go to the tower again. Return by way of wind crystal.

     6. Re-Visit the hospital again and talk to the doctor. He'll thank you.

     7. Go to the to the tower.

     8. Upon your return, in the house just north of the hospital, you should see a blond girl (Cherrl)
     looking out  the window. Talk to her. You'll frighten her (You Brute) and she'll drop her doll. Pick
     it up and give it to her.

     9. The rest is up to you.

Special Love Interest: Mia Myria

     To have the possibility to seduce this girl (though only heaven knows why you'd want to) you must
     do only one major thing.

     Keep talking to the old man in the east side of town, who collects books. His collection of books
     will soon out grow his house. He will ask you to build him a library. If you do so. Visit it every
     now and again to see the lovely(???) Mia Myria.

Special Love Interest: Vivian

     These are the steps needed to start your romance with Vivian.

     1. Talk to Madame from the bar, frequently. She will go on about her adventurer with the blue

     2. Make your way up to the tower to the 25th floor. There you should be able to find a blue cape.

     3. Take this cape back to her. She'll cry and close the bar. As a patriotic drunk it's your job to
     convince her life is worth living, so she'll re-open the bar.

     4. Once you convince her that it's o.k. she'll re-open the bar. The next time you go in there Vivian
     will be dancing on the small stage.
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