Chalk up those cues for the best billiards action available!
Shoot you way through the billiard underworld
in this authentic pool simulation/adventure.
Compete with friends or against computer
opponents in a wide selection of pool halls and
bars. Top-notch graphics, actual pool physics,
and superb gameplay offer a rich and detailed
feel. Defeat your opponents to win fame and
special items that will make you an even greater
pool player. It is going to take a steady hand
and a whole lot of practice to master the fine
points of this classic game. C'mon in and challenge
the smoothest hustlers around!
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Playstation Page
Realistic pool physics and outstanding 3D graphics
Check out your latest shot with the replay feature
Judge your shots perfectly with the cue-ball-cursor that shows the path the cue will take
14 separate billiard games including 9-ball, 8-ball, Cutthroat, and Rotation
Trick edit mode lets you create and save your own original tricks 
Intriguing story mode immerses you in a high-stake billiard atmosphere
Supports up to 4 players
Audio CD option lets you listen to your favorite music while playing


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