It's your turn to destroy the rival Transformer faction and dominate the galaxy! The 
Maximals and Predacons have settled in areas around the planet, and have developed 
bases and armies to aid in the fight against each other. But watch out! The invasion of 
alien monsters called the Skriix come to lay waste to all they encounter! The Predacons 
and Maximals must fight this common foe before resuming the Beast Wars. 
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Based on the Beast Wars Transformers TV show as seen on Fox Kids five days per week. Each character can transform 
into three different forms, each form with unique fighting and special attack capabilities. This fighting game requires fast 
action and faster thinking! 
Players will take command over the forces of the Heroic Maximals or the Evil Predacons as they battle for galactic supremacy. 
The awesome line-ups include Optimus Primal, Megatron, and other characters straight out of the television show. More 
powerful than ever, these Cybertronian warriors can convert into 3 modes, beast, vehicle, and robot. 

Players will not only be required to act quickly, but also to think quickly as each transformation comes with a variety of new 
attacks, defenses, combos and other advantages and disadvantages. 

Additionally, the game contains an endless variety of game play in which players can unlock secret characters and hidden 
modes of play or compete in various mini-games. 

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