Good Battles Evil when Two Kingdoms Collide.
An Evil Force, shackled for centuries,
throbs like a heartbeat within the
Earth as it seeks open air! And in the
body of a youth beats the soul of a
poet and the heart of a lion. Stride
into Darkness with young Finn and
his vigilant firebreathing dragon as
they hunt down the Evil that threatens
to annihilate the world. Launch into a
quest Beyond imagination - and
possibly Beyond endurance!
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Gather warriors, mages, pirates and mystics. Observe as
they transform into a more powerful class.Clerks evolve into
high clerks, monks into master monks and conjurers into
mighty summoners!
Unravel complex secrets in two richly textured views. Explore in lush
top-down isometric view and battle savage savage enemies in full 360 
degree 3D combat!
Grow stronger and smarter with each victory. Your swordsmanship
increases in power and you magic will swell with potent energy.
Use supreme magic to summon monsters and fatal storms.
Hurl tormentors into another dimension.
Drown them in a boiling sea of fire!

Child's Drawing
In Marion Castle, after you have rescued Edward and after Samson has been cursed, search around for a door that was not there earlier in the main hall. Go through the door and go to the top right hand portion of the room. Search the wall and you will se a close-up of a kids drawing

Double Deadly Attack
For a deadly attack, press X repeatedly as fast as you can until you hear a "kriiing" sound.

Extra Money
This is a way to get extra money if you don't have the correct version for the bug trick. In Daytime Luna, go to the north-east most building. Talk to the first man. When it's a "Mystic Vase" sell it to the other man in the room. If it is any other kind of vase, firedrake, thunder, etc., sell it to the weapons man.

Infinite Money
This bug allows you to gain as much money as you need. To execute it equip any character with a ring, then sell that ring. You'll receive the money, but the ring will still be equipped and you can sell it again! Repeat as needed.

Note: This code is actually a bug in early versions of Beyond the Beyond. It has since been fixed and may not work in your copy.

Resurrection Spell
Take the boat to the north east of Marion, and you will find a alcove of rocks. If you sail to the end of this alcove, you will be able to get off the boat and on the rocks. Travel 1 space east and you will enter a cave. In the cave is a pot. Look in the pot and Merlin the master magician will appear and give one of your characters the Resurrection Spell. Don't forget to look in the flames around the pot. There's some cool stuff in there.

Secret Characters
There are at least three secret characters hidden in this game. Here's how to find them:

Lorele can be found in the ruined castle of Barbaros. Go through the exit near the priest and head towards the stairs in the back. Push the right walls near the stairs until you find a secret entrance. This will lead you to Lorele.

Percy is the Black Night. All you have to do to get him is NOT fight him for about 15 rounds. He'll run away, but join your party later.

Tont can be found on your way to Simone (to get the counsel of Arawn's high priest). On your way there you pass through a cave maze. At one point you come to a place where there are two doors right next to each other. The right leads to Simone, while the left brings you to another part of the mountain. Climb to the top from the left side, and you will see a large emerald. Pick it up and take it with you. Find your way back onto the right path, and head for Simone. While there, go to the home of the summoner of the west side of town. He will say he needs the jewel you retrieved. Give it to him and watch the sequence. Afterward, a little blob will follow behind you. Try to exit the town to retrieve Tont.
Secret Intro
Before the actual title screen appears, press and hold Up + Triangle to view a cool intro.