Join Musashi on an Incredible Action / RPG Experience!

Brave Fencer Musashi has been summoned
to stop an ancient evil force, to save the
kingdom and rescue the princess.

Embark on a wild, comical, Action/RPG adventure in
a massive 3-D world filled with platform-style action,
two-fisted sword fighting, challenging puzzles, and
scores of enemies whose skills Musashi can learn and
use to his advantage.  Locate five powerful magical
scrolls to conquer the twisted Thirstquencher Empire.

Includes Collector's CD with a playable demo of Final Fantasy VIII


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                              Take a legendary figure from Japanese
                              history, then cast him as a fiesty,
                              superdeformed samurai in a quirky action
                              RPG, and you have Squaresoft's latest title,
                              Brave Fencer Musashi.

                              Based loosely on the real-world Miyomoto
                              Mushashi, Brave Fencer lets the player guide
                              the samurai around a fictional kingdom in dire
                              straits. After being summoned from the past
                              by a bubble-headed princess, Musashi must
                              collect five elemental scrolls and take down
                              the evil Thirstquencher empire in order to
                              return to his own world. While not the most
                              complex or ingenious plotline, Brave Fencer's
                              story remains lighthearted and engaging

                              With humorous characters and a simple
                              premise, it's the gameplay that draws in
                              players by incorporating a few clever features
                              and relying on the challenge of good ole
                              arcade skills.

                              Taking place in a completely 3D environment, Musashi is able to wield two
                              different swords, each with their own attributes. The legendary Lumina sword
                              enables Musashi to perform devastating elemental attacks once he liberates
                              each of the Five Crests scattered throughout the world. Musashi's other
                              sword, Fusion, enables a completely different type of function that allows the
                              player to assimilate different abilities from assorted enemies.

                              In addition to these features, the game also runs on a pseudo-real-time
                              24-hour clock that determines several game events. Certain townspeople and
                              shops are only accessible during specific hours of the day, and this spills
                              over into many of Musashi's different quests. It's an inventive factor that
                              adds a little depth to an otherwise simplistic and straightforward adventure.

                              While Brave Fencer is very entertaining and enjoyable, the game doesn't
                              satisfy like many other RPGs. With a very cutesy, platformish look, the game
                              seems aimed at a younger audience. The polygonal characters and
                              environments are also not as graphically polished in comparison to other
                              landmark titles on the PlayStation. But don't let initial impressions guide you
                              entirely. At the heart of Brave Fencer is an engaging and challenging (if
                              simple) journey with some very clever features and an endearing cast. 

Unlimited Money
In the village bar, which is open in game time from 6pm until 2am, you can play a high-low game with a character named

The game costs 100 to play and will return doubled amounts in this sequence: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800,
25600, 51200, and lastly 102400.  However if you get 102400 he will no longer play the game with you.

If he picks a number less than 7 then select high and if he picks 7 or higher pick low.  Starting with just a few hundred or so for
a loss cushion you can quickly become extremely wealthy. Always stop your winnings at 51200 though or you can't keep
raking it in!

Incidentally, time doesn't pass in the game while you are doing this so knock yourself out!