Enter the Dark, Mysterious 4D World of Action and Adventure
-Bruce Campbell is the voice of the
main character Jake Burton,
explosives explosives expert
-Talk to characters and choose your
attitude with over 95 minutes of
interactive voice dialog
-Explore over 1,600,000 virtual
square feet in an interactive 4D world
-Go where you want when you want
with non-linear story themes
-Become the leader of a marine
platoon, join the scientists in struggle
of good vs. evil, become an alien
warrior, or follow mission objectives
-56 movies and 40 minutes of
interactive music enhance the
in-depth story line
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Beat the Alien Queen
To easily defeat the last boss (Alien Queen), equip the flamethrower and then get down on your stomach and constantly fire at her. As long as you are crawling on your stomach, she can't hurt you.

More Ammo
For more ammo, pause the game during normal gameplay and press Triangle. You should hear a sound if done correctly.

More Health and Armor
For more health and armor, pause the game and press triangle. Then highlight "HELP TEXT." Press and hold L1 + R2 then press X. You will hear a sound if done correctly.