The sequel to the most original and
realistic fighting game - bigger,
better and more brutal than ever.

No life bars, no time limits, no mercy.
And a single blow can still make the
difference between life and death.

12 new warriors for a total of 20
New weapons, subweapons, stances and moves
6 fighting modes, plus first-person view option
Each character follows their own story path, with unique encounters and endings
Two-handed swordplay, throwing weapons, mud-slinging and more
Unique body damage system allows you to incapacitate or kill with one well-placed strike
Run, dodge, and slash through huge 3D settings

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Gun Toting Characters
To obtain the gun toting characters in Bushido Blade 2, all you have to do is beat slash mode in under 15 minutes, depending
on which house you decide to beat it with, you get a differient character. For one, you receive Katze, and for the other, you
receive the machine gun girl. You can only play as them on the VS and link modes.

Slash Mode
To unlock slash mode you simply have to get eight of the twelve supporting characters. It does not matter which ones.


                               Bushido Blade's basic concept - realistic
                               Japanese sword fighting without life-meters,
                               time limits, or artificially small arenas - remains
                               the same as in the original Bushido Blade.
                               Matches end only when a fatal blow is struck
                               by one opponent.

                               Beyond that, though, almost everything else
                               from the first game has changed. The control
                               scheme is entirely new. It's deeper and
                               slightly more complex, and should appeal
                               more to fans of traditional fighting games.

                               Also, colored flashes now indicate the result
                               of clashes: whether an attack was successful
                               (orange), minor (green), blocked (blue), or
                               fatal (a satisfying spray of red).

                               The plot focuses on the 800-year-long battle
                               between two Japanese sword fighting
                               schools, and while there are only six
                               selectable characters at the begining of the
                               game, 16 more characters can be unlocked in story mode. The story mode is
                               longer and features more combat (and more story) than the original.

                               Although some of the elegance and simplicity of the original is lost in this
                               sequel, the new depth of the game more than makes up for it.