Funkin' Groovin' Dance Action
Boogie to a different beat with Bust A Groove - the most
realistic dance game ever created for the funked-up Playstation
generation!  Compete in a dance-off against a friend or break out
a fresh solo number with one of 10 motion-captured professional
dancers.  Combo and attack moves show you style as
you kick a funky rhythm in one if four groovin' dance modes
.  Join the party and get your body movin' to the original
tunes and gameplay of Bust a Groove!
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Awesome dance moves created from professional dancers
using Motion capture Technology
Ten funky characters to choose from, each with his/her
own unique dance styles and moves
Hidden characters and surprises to uncover while 
you're cuttin' rug.
Four groovin' dance modes, including One and 
Two-Player, Practice and Dance Edit!
Bump up your flavor with some jammin' beats,
including hip-hop, techno, disco and house


                             When Enix first released Bust-A-Move (as it
                              was called in Japan), it was the first in a long
                              line of "spiritual successors" to PaRappa the
                              Rapper. With its unique concept of
                              controlling a character in a dancing
                              competition, the game excelled in several
                              categories including music, motion captures,
                              and gameplay.

                              Choosing from eight initially playable
                              characters, gamers must play through several
                              stages constructed like "dance-offs" against
                              opponents. In each stage, you're required to
                              enter in a string of "Simon Says"-type button
                              configurations in time with the beat in order
                              to perform a set of moves. Miss the beat or
                              press the wrong button and your character
                              will fumble. If you're successful in entering in
                              a command, then your character will move onto the next move in their
                              repertoire. The difficulty gets progressively higher as you successfully
                              complete combos and reach your character's "Freeze" pose.

                              Not only do the combos get more and more complicated, but you'll also have
                              to duck and dodge attacks from your opponent. Everything within the game
                              must be done in time with the music (the fourth beat is the key), and this
                              includes executing and evade attacks.

                              The winner of the round is the character able to hog the spotlight for the bulk
                              of the time spent on the stage. As you progress through the stages, you'll
                              come across a wide variety of dance styles as well as dance tracks. And with
                              the superb motion captures of each character, the movement within the game
                              is smooth, fluid and totally immersive for the gamer.

                              The U.S. version of the game, courtesy of 989 Studios, offers Stateside
                              gamers a chance to try their hand at one of the more popular niches of
                              videogaming in Japan. While gameplay is limited to button presses and a
                              good sense of rhythm, there is something so indescribably fun and goofy
                              about playing Bust-A-Groove, that its difficult to pan it for being nothing
                              more than a PaRappa derivative. While the concept of the game is nothing
                              incredibly new, the real bulk of enjoying the game relies on the excellent craft
                              of filling Bust-A-Groove with enough challenging and outrageously fun
                              gameplay to make a lasting impression.

                              Enix and 989 Studios manage to tack on enough quirky diversions to make
                              the game a seemingly new experience everytime you play it. After all, this is a
                              high production game and the quality shows through in the graphics, music
                              and highly stylized character designs. Overwhelmingly infectious tunes that
                              have been translated to English for the U.S., hoards of secret dancers and
                              stages, charming touches such as secondary animations in stages for players
                              who execute tough moves and a clever, though not entirely unique, concept
                              make Bust-A-Groove a game that deserves to find an audience in the U.S. 


Dance Preview
Complete the game under the easy difficulty level with any character for there dance view.

Play as Alternate Character
Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X.

Play as Burger Dog
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Hamm after getting Robo-Z.

Play as Capoeira
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character.

Play as Columbo
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Shorty after getting Robo-Z.

Play as Robo-Z
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character after getting Capoeira.

Winning Pose Close-up
Hold Circle after winning a stage.