You'll be Forever Bursting Bubbles!!
Bust-A-Move 4 s bursting onto the scene
with more advanced gameplay, and tons 
of new features.  It's a challenge for the 
whole family.
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Bury opponents with the devasting new Chain Reactions
Keep the bubbles in balance with the new Pulley Mechanism
Rank yourself with the comprehensive Ranking System
Save custom puzzles to Memory Cards with Edit Mode


                              Over the years, Taito has quietly been
                              pumping out annual makeovers of its arcade
                              puzzle classic, Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble
                              in Japan). And though each title in the series
                              does little to break the mold of previous
                              offerings, the core concept of the game is so
                              solid and addictive that there's really little to
                              no reason to change it.

                              In its fourth incarnation, Taito has adjusted
                              the original make-up of the game to include a
                              few slightly different game options as well as
                              a "pulley" strategy to increase the
                              competition in one-player and two-player
                              mode. But in essence, the game remains
                              largely the same as ever, even including
                              familiar characters from the preceding titles.

                              Gameplay still consists of shooting bubbles
                              at like-colored bubbles on a screen to clear
                              the stage and reap a high score. But with the inclusion of a "pulley", players
                              must now balance both ends of the rope by adding or taking away rows of
                              bubbles. Take away too many from one side and the pulley will sink below
                              the bottom line, causing the round to be lost. Keep them balanced while
                              carefully picking away at each side and you'll emerge a winner. It's a tough
                              new addition which injects a bit more strategy into the gameplay and forces
                              the player to plan his or her moves much more carefully.

                              Bust-A-Move 4 also includes more modes than before with a Puzzle mode
                              that allows players to participate in a Story or Arcade set up. And in the
                              game's trademark cutesy style, players who finish the Story Mode will be able
                              to perform an electronic Tarot reading through the Options menu. Though
                              the feature is more of a tacked on bonus for fans of the series, the Tarot card
                              reading option epitomizes the spirit of the game and its series: simple, but
                              addictive gameplay with enough character to charm the socks off gamers.

                              But the major draw to a game like Bust-A-Move 4 is its lack of pretension in
                              gameplay. This is a game that novice and veteran gamers alike can play,
                              regularly being included in lists of titles that are both highly revered for their
                              solid gameplay, but also for their mass appeal. And with Acclaim's
                              Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition just now being reprinted for PlayStation
                              owners, Bust-A-Move 4 gives players an opportunity to make a solid choice
                              for the holidays for multi-player gaming as well as for the younger gamers on
                              the gift list.