Think you've busted with the best?

Not until you've faced Bust-A-Move '99 With
intense 2 player competition, all new graphics, and
create-a-level mode, you've never busted bubbles
like these!  And with 8 new mysterious characters
to save, you'll be bustin' like crazy to solve all the 
puzzles and send them home!
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One day, Bubble Worlds magical master of 
mischief, DUNK, cast a mysterious spell. And
with a sudden flash of light, eight
characters from eight other game worlds
found themselves suddenly transported to
Bubble World. By battling brain busting
boards of bubbles, its up to you to send
them home! 
2 player head-to-head competition 
All new and improved graphics 
Literally thousands of different puzzles 
Challenge, CPU, and Head-to-Head
Win Contest mode offers over a 1,000
classic Bust-A-Move puzzles 
Special bubbles include star, metal,
rainbow, and more 
Obstructive bubbles and blocks 
All new backgrounds 
Classic character animation and
non-interactive sequences 
Eight new characters from Taito video

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