ASK Forgiveness.

You're About to Commit the Ultimate Syn!

A brutal battle-to-the-death.  Only one warrior will
survive-but not before experiencing excruciating pain an suffering.


Torture, mutilation, rivers of blood and bestail
howls - definately not for the weak at heart.

Real-time, true 360 degree, 3D fighting action.  You're
about to face the ugliest fate possible to any
living being!

Hundreds of complex precision
moves and combos.  Amazing razor-
tight controls.  Only the skilled will
make the kill!

18 warriors in all, including 2 secret
syns.  Each with a unique, distinct
look, magic, projectiles, lethal weapons
and individual fighting styles.

"Living" death chambers.  You may not
die, but you'll probably wish you did.

Hidden Characters
Enter these codes at the title screen when 'Press Start' appears.

Kron: L2, L2, Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Up, Circle, L1

Unlock All Characters, Fatality Anytime, View
Ending Sequences, and more. :

                   View Ending Sequences
                   When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen,
                   press Down, Up, Down, Right, Left(2), Up, Left, R1,
                   Circle(2), L2. If you entered the code correctly, you
                   will hear a sound. Then, your selected character's
                   intro will be replaced with their ending sequence.

                   Unlock All Characters
                   When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen,
                   press L1, R2, R1, Square, Down, Circle, Down, L2,

                   Fatality Anytime
                   When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen,
                   press Up(2), Right(2), Left, Circle(2), Down.

                   Infinite Magic
                   When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen,
                   press Right(3), Left, Triangle, Left(2), Square.

                   Alternate Character Outfits
                   When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen,
                   enter one of the following codes to alternate the
                   indicated character's outfit.

                   Press R2, Down(2), Circle, Square(2), R2.

                   Press Square, L1, Circle, Up, Triangle, Left,

                   Press Down, Square, Down, L2, Down(3).

                   Press Circle(3), L1, R1, Circle, Left.

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