Get on Board
Based on the world's best-
selling computer chess
program, The Chessmaster
3-D puts you in complete
control of awesome, vivid,
3-D and 2-D chess sets
and boards, from every
perspective imaginable.
Shift your position from
above the board to below,
from beside it to right on top
of it, as you play. With the
same powerful 32-bit chess
engine as Mindscape's
world-famous The
Chessmaster 4000 for your
PC, this program features a
variety of unique sets, real-
time rendered pieces, and a
stunning, multidimensional
playing environment.
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Rendered on-the-fly 3-D, or 2-D war room views.
Monitor every aspect of your game with a unique 3-D background main menu.
Perfect your skills with Chessmaster's teaching option.
Play with a variety of differnt chess sets, each with its own characteristics.
Set up a position and have the Chessmaster solve for mate.
See the Chessmaster actually think.
Experience an audio rush through the sound effects accompanying every action.
Challenge 12 diverse computer opponents, or go head-to-head with a friend.

Saturday, May 1, 1999 at 19:13:46
It's challenging enough for me; but I suck at chess.  However if I knew how to play good I would like the game to move a little faster and have more options.

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