Choose from multiple scenarios woven into a single story. A combo battle system with 
real-time fighting sequences allows uninterrupted battle and flexible fighting options.
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Sequel to the RPG hit Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross expands on the excellent story-line of its predecessor and combines 
cutting edge graphics with a dynamic battle system making it one of the most highly anticipated RPG’s of all time. 
Featuring a story line developed by the creator of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, Chrono Cross has been christened the 
Best RPG Creation by its development team. 

With multiple scenarios cast along a single story thread, and many different endings, each replay can result in an entirely 
new adventure. In addition, a brand new battle system makes combat smooth and innovative by introducing an elemental 
field system and combo system that gives the player unparalleled flexibility in their fighting options. 

The elimination of random battles also quickens the pace of the game, and places the choice of where to battle in the players 
hands. With character designs by a famed Japanese illustrator and music by the original Chrono Trigger composer, Chrono 
Cross features visuals and sounds that bring its magic to life. 

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