Another night, another death... the brutal muders didn't have to continue for long before the undeniable truth was revealed.  How can the most vicious killer in Norway's history return for an encore performance after his own death?  This terrying horror adventure will have you at the edge of your seat for hours and hours as you explore evil and hauntingly realistic areas in England and Norway in search for the most horrifying serial killer known to man.
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                              At first glance, you might think Clock Tower
                               is pretty standard fair - a point and click
                               graphical adventure. You'd be wrong. Yes, it
                               has everything you'd expect from a
                               PlayStation graphic adventure - a slow pace,
                               animated cut-scenes, and some voice acting
                               that is only marginally better than Resident
                               Evil's. But two things make this title one that
                               all gamers should check out. First, the
                               backstory, based on a Norwegian horror story
                               is better than most.

                               Second, ASCII has added a totally innovative
                               element to the game. As you progress
                               through the game (which has a number of
                               characters, with four or five endings per
                               character), trying to solve the mystery of the
                               "Scissorman" murders, you'll frequently
                               encounter Scissorman himself - a slumped
                               over mutant with a five foot long pair of
                               scissors - who is intent on killing you. (Of course, in the best horror film
                               tradition, you're alone.)

                               Scissorman's arrival is preceded by ominous music, which helps create an
                               amazing sense of mood, as well as plenty of nervous anticipation. When he
                               finally arrives, you can try to run,or hit the panic button, which may hide you
                               behind a convienient item, like a filing cabinet. He'll probably miss you the
                               first time you hide somewhere, but not the second. Trust us, when you're in a
                               dead corridor, near things you've hid behind before, and you hear the
                               Scissorman music, the intensity of the feeling generated cannot be

                               The new play mechanic introduced by the presence of the wandering
                               Scissorman means that the experienceof playing Clock Tower is far more
                               intense and, to use an overused word, immersive than with other graphic
                               adventures, on PC or PlayStation. Even Resident Evil, with it's focus on
                               shooting things, can't deliver the creepy feeling Clock Tower does. The slow
                               pace knocks off a star (as does the voice acting), but this innovative,
                               intriguing effort is well worth a look.


Alternate Uniform for Jennifer

     Instead of going to Rick's House in the second scenario, use Helen to go to the library in the
     Second scenario. You can do so by not asking Harris to show the statue to Rick in the first
     scenario and making the trip by yourself instead of asking Nolan to help you. When you arrive at
     the Barrow's Castle in the third scenario, Jennifer will be wearing a different uniform.

Defeating the Hand

     Defeating the Hand in the servant's quarters is a two step process. After opening the desk, the
     Hand will jump out and strangle you. Hit the panic button repeatedly until it falls off on to the floor.
     Notice now that the camera angle changes. Use your pointer and click on the ink pen on the desk
     to defeat the Hand.

Location of All 10 Hints

     Hint#  Person         Scenario#     Location

     #1     Prof. Barton   Prologue      File Cabinet
                                         Treatment Room

     #2     Jennifer       Scenario 1    left corner boxes
                                         Storage Room (1F)

     #3     Jennifer       Scenario 1    to right of door
                                         Women's Lounge (3F)

     #4     Helen          Scenario 1    on top of desk
                                         Treatment Room (2F)

     #5     Helen          Scenario 1    on top of table
                                         Student Office Room(2F)

     #6     Nolan          Scenario 2    on fireplace
                                         Upstairs Living Room

     #7     Helen          Scenario 2    in Machine Room of

     #8     Gotts          Scenario 2    in cabinet on left wall

     #9     Jennifer       Scenario 3    on table in the
                                         Upstairs Living Room

     #10    Helen          Scenario 3    on bookshelf just left
                                         of door in Chapel Library

Nolan's Scenario

     This hint is only useful if you are playing the scenario as Nolan. To finish the scenario, the first thing
     you should do is go up stairs into the bedroom and look in the closet twice. The first time will hint
     at something being there, the second time you will find the statue.

     Then go into the kitchen and look at the mask on the wall, this will confirm the location of the
     Barrows mansion. After the confirmation message, the mask will come alive. Use the vase on the
     table and throw it at the mask.

     Finally, go to the laundry room and get the powdered soap in the cabinet across from the washing
     machine. Go back into the living room and out the sliding glass door in back, toss the soap into the
     dogs eyes to escape.

Unlock Each Ending for Helen

     These are the conditions that must be met to view each of Helen's endings.

     1) You must save Jennifer in the chapel, confirm the survival of Gotts, and go to Scissorman with
     the Door Spell.

     2) Let Jennifer be killed (don't use the Fireplace Key!) or go to Scissorman without confirming
     Gotts' survival.

     3) Go to the Scissorman without the Door Spell.

     4) Save Jennifer without the Door Spell.

     5) Ignore the statue in Scenario 2

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