You're at the top of the hill, scoping out the freshest 
stashes of fluffy powder coating a killer ride. In your 
head, you carve out your own trail, rip some sick tricks 
and skate down the rail slides peppering the slopes. 
You may be dwarfed by the mountains, but you're 
already thinking BIG. 
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* Cool Boarders 4 includes more professional riders than any competitive 
snowboard game. Now you can take Jim Rippey, Ross Powers, Chris 
Englesman, Michele Taggart, Jason Brown, Tricia Byrnes, Chad Otterstorm 
and many others for a test drive.

* More grabs, flips, and slides than you can handle. This time down you 
can handplant the halfpipe and trick out with each pro rider's signature move.

* Strap yourself onto a Burton, Forum, K2, MLY, Morrow, Salomon, Ride or 
Santa Cruz board and ride the slopes in style.

* Take on big courses with big features on five big mountains. All new courses 
with sleek curves, short cuts, larger jumps, huge rails and quarter pipes. 

* The popular fighting feature has been improved so the hits are harder, the 
action more intense and the competition more fierce.

In Cool Boarders 4, gamers can emulate pro riders? moves due to the inclusion of 
more professional riders and board manufacturers than any other snowboarding 
videogame on the market. Gamers will be able to hit the slopes as known snowboarding 
professionals such as Jim Rippey, Ross Powers and 12-year-old phenomenon Shaun 
White of Burton, as well as Forum?s J.P. Walker and Salomon?s Michele Taggart -- 
just to name a few. 

Cool Boarders 4 is the most incredible snowboarding game ever to hit the PlayStation. 
Gamers, snowboarders and snowboarding enthusiasts will be impressed with its ultra-
realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. 

With a newly-advanced 3D game engine, Cool Boarders 4 adds many new features that 
let the gamer experience the true feeling of snowboarding. The new Trickmaster Mode 
allows riders the opportunity to learn and perfect their own tricks on long downhill courses 
filled with jump after jump. Multiplayer Tournament Mode lets gamers challenge their 
friends on any event to see who can nail the best tricks and get downhill first. 

Riders can choose from dozens of authentic snowboard manufacturers such as Burton, 
K2, Salomon, Ride and Forum. Each board is based on its actual performance ratings. 
Gamers can also create custom riders by choosing different heads and bodies, dressing 
them up in name brand apparel from today?s hottest companies Billabong, Levis and 
Arnette -- and shredding down the slopes on a fully customized snowboard. 

In addition to the Downhill, Half Pipe, Slope Style, CBX and Big Air Stadium events, Cool 
Boarders 4 offers new Special Events on each mountain for the ultimate snowboarding 
challenge. Riders can snowboard out of bounds into bushwhacking territory while 
outrunning the Ski Patrol, or burst through fresh powder and maneuver through tight 
courses while dodging a fast-moving avalanche. 

Mauricio  on Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 21:37:51
Yellow cheats please(don't know how to make them) 
Blake (pipred27) on Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 20:13:02
Enter imspecial and/or icheat as name for all mountains and many other extras
Luc-Olivier Cloutier  on Thursday, January 6, 2000 at 11:36:32
All Special Events Cheat: Enter the name IMSPECIAL

All Boarders, Boards & Mountains Cheat: Enter the name ICHEAT

Chunkster  on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 00:21:00
Easy 18,000 points
To get 18,000 points easily go to Big Air in Japan. Before you reach the three bridges there will be a 
ramp which might look little. Jump of this ramp and gets lots of air and then hold in the up button.You 
then should be able to do a triple foward flip.

Note: this tip might not work if you don't have enough air. 

Extended combos
After you do all of your tricks and are landing do a nose slide. You will not be able to jump again but if 
you fall off of another cliff you can do more tricks for the same combo. I got a 130,000 point trick doing this. 

Play as Bear..the hard way
All you have to do is get to the bottom of the avalanche stage. You can also go on a little shortcut on 
the right around in the begining. It is harder so I wouldn't go in there. 

Play as Crusty The Snowman...the hard way
To play as Crusty The Snowman, all you have to do is beat the Speacial track on Japan Mountain with 100 %. 

Play as Fast Eddie...the hard way
You have to beat rookie on trickmaster to get him as a playable character.

Play as Mars...the hard way
To play as mars you must beat "Trick Master" mode on the Veteran setting. When this is done, Mars will 
be a playable character. 

Replay controls
When you go to replay hold R1 or R2 then hold down to stop, left to make it go slow, or right to make it faster. 

Shortcut through Colorado
This is an easy way to get through Colorado. When you get to the part with patches of deeper snow,around 
the third or fourth patch, there should be a place with a lot of trees. Weave through those trees, and there 
should be a railroad track. Grind on that track and after a while, look at your position and you should be in 
first place.(Unless there is somebody is in front of you,which is most likely)I'm not promising that you will 
win every time, but it helps to break the time record.

Slope Style Secret in Vermont
On the right side of the course, between the ramp with two rocks in front of it and the ramp with the green 
pole in front of it, there is a group of trees, you can grind on the fallen tree to reach the secret tunnel.

Unlock Extra Mountain
When you go to the tournament name enter in "newhill" and get an extra mountain. 

Unlock all Mountains, Characters and Boards
Select One player mode and enter : ICHEAT as your name. If you entered it correctly will will hear a 
confirmation sound. This code will also give you more creation points for boards

Unlock all Special Events
Select One player mode and enter : IMSPECIAL as your name. If you entered it correctly will will hear 
a confirmation sound.

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