The evil Dr. Neo Cortex is back with a vengeance
...this save the world?  And he's asking
for help from his arch nemesis, Crash Bandicoot?
Or is it just some conniving plan to lure Crash
into a deadly trap for his own evil bidding?
Find out as Crash takes on a whole new adventure
that's out of this world!

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                               Crash Bandicoot 2 is often composed of unoriginal
                               gameplay that makes it a title that is frowned upon
                               at first, but clever level design, variety of
                               action, solid control, and refined graphics
                               quickly change initial impressions.

                               The level design is varied, and offers players
                               a significant change of pace from world to
                               world. To make this variety work, the
                               developer improved the purely linear
                               progression of the original with a new design
                               that allows players to choose between a
                               selection of levels to enter at any one time.

                               This keeps the action fresh, as players can
                               now skip over a difficult, and return to it later.
                               For instance, if a player is having trouble with
                               the ice level, he can jump over to a boulder
                               level for a change of pace. This keeps players from getting bogged down by
                               a single difficult section.

                               The action is much more varied than the original title with new experience like
                               jet ski driving, and jet pack piloting. This variety keeps the action from
                               getting monotonous and insures that players will want to return again and

                               Control is dead-on, which is absolutely a necessity for platform games. The
                               simple button layout and control scheme is quite intuitive and becomes
                               unnoticeable after a short while. Because of this, players are able to focus on
                               the action at hand.

                               While the graphics are still locked on a single track, the environments and
                               characters are more colorful and detailed than ever before. The visual variety
                               is also more notable, which is a perfect compliment the gameplay.

                               Despite the fact that Crash 2 is a wonderful example of an established genre,
                               it still must be said it is not a very original game. Those looking for something
                               wildly innovative should look elsewhere, but those simply fishing for a
                               mindlessly enjoyable game will find this title more than worthy, and much
                               better than the first


                   Boss Warp
                   To go to the next or previous boss, press and hold L1, L2, R1,
                   R2, and Triangle when standing on the middle platform of a warp

                   Clear Gems
                   Here's how to get some of the clear gems!

                   Level     Instructions
                   3         Beat level in the given time (Hint: when
                             you go to the bonus, die right away.
                             This gives you more time.)

                   17        Take the death route.

                   21        Take the death route.

                   23        Take the death route.

                   Colored Gems
                   Here's how to get all the colored gems!

                   TURTLE WOODS (Blue): Get no boxes.
                   THE EEL DEAL (Green): Go past the dead end in the Nitro box
                   filled room.
                   PLANT FOOD (Yellow): Get no boxes and beat the timer.
                   BEE-HAULING (Purple): Go up the stairs of Nitro boxes.
                   Submitted by WebHog

                  Extra Lives
                   In the second warp room, go to the barking bear and jump on him
                   until 10 extra lives come out of him. This can only be done once.
                   Submitted by ThaRiver, Jacob Eisenhardt and others

                  Hidden Warps
                   Several warps are hidden througout this game. Here's how to find
                   some of them.

                   1. BEAR DOWN: The small ice floe at the end of the stage.

                   2. AIR CRASH: The 2nd river. Don't jetski, but jump on the
                   boxes to the platform.

                   3. UNBEARABLE: When the cub bucks you off, go back until
                   you see him again.

                   4. HANGIN' OUT: when you drop down a hole into some
                   eel-less water, go into the foreground and drop down the hole.
                   (Pssst....use R1 to make Crash pull up his legs.)

                   5. DIGGIN' IT: Near the end there is a spitter plant on a circular
                   platform. Bellyflop onto it.

                   6. TURTLE WOODS: When you find the stone face in the
                   ground, belly flop on it to enter a bonus-type level. Be careful
                   though as you can die in this one.

                  More Extra Lives
                   When you are on the 4th floor with the vortexes, get into the level
                   with the bees. Instead of going underground to avoid the bees, hit
                   all 5 of them away.(it takes practice) If done correctly, you should
                   receive two lives, if done again, one more life will be given. Do this
                   as much as you wish.

                   Playing Tip for Totally Bear
                   When playing Level 26, Totally Bear, use the long jump (O or R1
                   button and X button) when riding the bear. This allows you to
                   jump farther than on regular bear levels like Bear It and Bear
                   Down. Without out the long jump, you can't get past any of the
                   jumps. Bueno Suerte!

                 Red Gem
                   To get the red colored gem, get the Air Crash warp (at 1st river,
                   bounce off boxes to platform.) This should give you a Snow Go
                   gate at the secret warp screen. Jump into it and beat the level to
                   gain the red gem.
                   Submitted by Vhati24

                  Secret Levels
                   When Crash's sister says "Make yourself useful and get batteries
                   for my computer," wait and a bonus stage will appear.

                   Right before the first "Check Point" box in Turtle Woods there is
                   an octagon on the ground with a menacing face. Belly-flop onto
                   the face and Crash will fall right through it into a new level.

                   In the "UNBEARABLE" level, when the second bear falls off the
                   bridge, go back and jump into the space where he fell. This should
                   take you to a level with turtles and enemies who shoot at you.
                   Submitted by Falcon, Joey Portes and Justin Wrobel

                  Unlimited Lives
                   Go to the secret level in UNBEARABLE. At about the halfway
                   point there is a bouncing box and an arc of fruit. Go to the highest
                   step and super jump up to find two extra lives. Get both of them
                   and kill yourself. Return to that spot for 2 more lives. Repeat as
                   many times as you want!

                  Yellow Gem Time Saver
                   When trying to beat the clock on level 11 (PLANT FOOD), get
                   to the bonus ? lifter. Start the bonus and fall down the first gap
                   after the boxes and TNT. This will allow you to start at 1 minute,
                   24 seconds. Continue the level and if you finish in that time which
                   is fairly easy, the yeallow gem is yours after entering the teleporter
                   room that takes you back to the warp room. Don't forgot to grab

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