Start your engines...3...2...1...GO! CTR (Crash Team 
Racing) is speeding your way exclusively for the 
PlayStation. It's a multi-player character racing game 
featuring your favorite bandicoot, Crash and a host 
of his friends...and foes! 
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Select from 8 of your favorite characters - play as Crash, Cortex, Tiny,
Dingodile, N. Gin, Pura (The Tiger) or Polar.

Play against the computer or up to 3 of your friends.

Race across more than 20 different tracks.

5 different, challenging racing modes: Adventure Mode, go head-to-head in Vs
Mode, Time Trial Mode, Gran Prix Mode and Battle Mode where you can test both
your driving and combat skills.

Customize your carts! Win a race, recieve a Gold Wrench, and visit Lugnut's
Garage for a "tune-up". Upgrade your carts in three categories; Tires, Exhaust
and Engine.

Can you say Power-up? Augment your chances of winning a race by picking up
power-ups which have abilities to help you or slow your opponents.

Tons of moves. Accelerate, brake, hop and steer. Rev your engines for a "fast
start"; initiate a power skid to take corners tighter and faster. slam your brakes
and slide around quickly - perfect for nailing that tailgator or cutting around a
really tight corner.

From the creators of the Crash Bandicoot series comes Mario Kart
racing for the PSX! Built on a brand new game engine, Crash Team
Racing is one of the best looking racing games on the PSX, with
detailed environments and high framerates. Select one of eight
different characters to race across more than 20 different track in
Adventure, Time Trail, Versus, Gran Prix and Battle Modes. Take
your favorite Crash Bandicoot character and race him against 3 of
your friends for bragging rights! 

There's a new mad scientist in town and his name is Nitros Oxide
and he's about to wreak his own havoc on this little island
paradise. He's absolutely obsessed with speed and fast just isn't
fast enough for him so he concocts a crazy idea to speed the
whole world up forever! 

Tune your own "wheels", pick up goodies and watch out for those
environment hazards. This game boils down to pure racing fun.

Jason Willams  on Saturday, January 29, 2000 at 09:05:19
I beat this game.  The ending was awesome i will recommend it to anyone who loves comedy in racing
Reddog (ees56) on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 16:04:02
Hold L1+TRIANGLE at title screen and then you can fly over pits and walls
SNiteshade676 ( on Saturday, January 1, 2000 at 21:50:17
I just played this game at a New Years Party, and it took awhile(a few turns)to understand 
(for a beginner Playstation player)what was going on, but after ya figure that 
out, It's Hellacool! I loved it!!!! Sooo much fun if ya got friends to race/battle with.
If ya like Super Mario Kart, you'll luv this!
Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 04:41:22
This game is so cool for all different ages. I personaly think that it a 8.5 out of 10 it is realy good 
Go out and buy it its so cool
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- on Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 18:01:44
So ,this game looks lame and stuff, but it's really cool, and worth the cash .
N/A (N/A) on Friday, December 10, 1999 at 10:34:29
This game is one of the best games I have ever played , I believe it originates from the Super Nintentdo game 
Mario Kart .  I would give this game 5 stars for its excellent features including the awesome graphics .
Access Nitros Oxide’s Space Ship
To unlock the Nitros’ spacecraft, you must possess four Boss Keys. 

Extra Battle Arenas
To unlock a new playing field in Battle mode, win all four Cup Races in Arcade mode at the corresponding level of difficulty.

Course           Difficulty
Basement Level   Hard
Parking Lot      Easy
The North Bowl   Medium

Extra Turbo Boost
At the beginning of a race,hit the gas button just before the green light flashes to start off with a turbo boost.

Race as Fake Crash
To race as Crash Bandicoot’s alter ego, win the Purple Gem Cup in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Purple Cup, you
must collect five purple CTR tokens.) 

Race as Komdo Joe
To race as Komodo Joe, win the Blue Gem Cup in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Blue Cup, you must collect five blue
CTR tokens.) 

Race as N. Trophy
To race as N. Trophy, you must unlock and subsequently beat his best time on every track in Time Trial mode. 

Race as Papu Papu
To race as the obese Mayan priest, win the Green Gem Cup in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Green Cup, you must
collect five green CTR tokens.) 

Race as Pinstripe
To race as the Tommy Gun toting gangster, win the Yellow Gem Cup in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Yellow Cup,
you must collect five yellow CTR tokens.) 

Race as Ripper Roo
To race as the Ripper Roo, win the Red Gem Cup in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Red Cup, you must collect five
red CTR tokens.) 

Spyro 2 Demo
To unlock the playable demo, hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, Triangle, Right at the Title page/New game screen. 

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