Crusaders of Might and Magic will bring you to the edge of your seat...and then throw 
you off. Warring army factions battle upon a scarred terrain, engulfed in furious conflict, 
fighting for the control of a world eclipsed with evil. 
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Crusaders of Might and Magic combines the intriguing elements of the best fantasy games with the intense 
energy of a third-person action game. Dozens of high-resolution, visually stunning, 3D worlds are enhanced 
by spectacular spell blasts and dynamic lighting. Players are challenged by a huge number of possible quests 
varying in complexity and difficulty.  Drake, a loner, toughened by exposure, hardship, and a life of fighting the 
scourge that destroyed his family as a boy, is swept up into the midst of a new Crusade. He must join the High 
Guard as they try to rid the lands of the Legion of the Fallen. With swords and sorcery, Drake must fight his way 
through 5 distinct realms. From the spires of the Citadel to the murky depths of Duskwood, Drake will run, jump, 
duck, fight and cast spells as he becomes ever more powerful and must eventually challenge the leader of the 
undead army himself. 

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