Your survival is all in your own hands
-Seamlessly rendered characters
-Combined attack maneuvers
-Dynamic backgrounds with light-
   sourcing brings you a vividly real experience
-Beautiful Women
-Danger Zone Mode
-Reversal Attacks

Kirk Douglas  on Monday, April 3, 2000 at 16:54:41
This game truly kicks butt.   The chicks in this game rule.  I was wondering if you could e-mail me and give me some cheats or tips
this is one of the best fighting games for playstation 
Tom  on Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 00:48:46
I thought this game was really fun. I played it for hours and never got tired of it. There are no weapons or magic tricks just hand to 
hand combat.  Beat the game with any character to get more outfits. 
Camera Work
During a victory sequence for any character, press the L and R buttons to zoom in and out of picture, and use the directional 
pad to change camera angles.

Clean Pause Screen
After you pause the game, hit SELECT and the pause dialog box will be removed.

Extra Options
The first 5 extra options are time released. After every 3 hours of game time (a clock in the extra options screen keeps the time) an 
extra option will be released. After 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 hours you get an option. They will not appear automatically, once the clock 
passes 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15, you must enter a one player game mode, and either win the mode or lose on purpose, so that you will go 
back to the title screen. It will then say "Extra config open"

Extra Outfits
Extra outfits in Dead or Alive are earned by winning the game with the character you want the extra outfit for at normal difficulty or higher.

You can earn the first few outfits for each character by setting the life bars for you at Highest and your opponent at Smallest and setting 
the fight count at one.

Once you have gotten all the outfits you can in this mode, the remainder can be gotten by setting the game to default settings (best of 
3 rounds, normal life, normal difficulity, normal life bars) to get the rest. Using this trick you should be able to get Kasumi's first 10 outfits, 
Lei Feng's first 9 outfits, and everyone elses first 5.

Fight Ayane
To fight against Ayane, you must defeat Kasumi in under 5 minutes.

Final Extra Option
To release the last option on the extra options menu all you have to do is simply get every single costume in the game for every character 
(including Raidou and Ayane.) It's not much, just a silly CG viewer, but at least you can claim you have all the extra options.

Hidden Voices and Music
Place Dead or Alive into any conventional CD player and skip to track 2. DO NOT PLAY TRACK 1! Forty one minutes of music including 
seventeen songs and eleven character voice samples lurk within.

Play as Ayane
To enable Ayane, obtain every costume in the game. 14 for each female, 5 for each male, and 3 for Raidou.

Play as Raidou
To play the game as Raidou (the last boss), beat the game using the default settings with each character.

This really isn't a trick, but put your Dead or Alive CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive, and open it under Windows Explorer. There will be 
a folder titled 'Omake'. Inside you'll find the wallpaper bitmaps used by the game at the menu screens, but since they are bitmaps, you 
can use them on your PC for wallpaper.

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