DESTREGA - A True 3D Fighting Game that Continues to
Take the Genre to Unseen Territory!
Combine devastating physical attacks with
sensational long-range magical attacks.
Add immense 3D environments and KOEI's
ever famous strategy sense, and you get an
intensely fast action fighting game!
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Fight as one of 12 relic wielding warriors known as STREGA
Long-range projectile attacks as well as up-close hand-to-hand combat
Multi-leveled gameplay--battle in the air, on the ground, & on top of structures
Unique fighting system based on "Rock, Paper, Scissor" strategy
12 sprawling 3D environments, 360 freedom of movement
Encompassing story mode with 47 different event scenes
Dual Shock Analog Controller compatible
6 exciting game modes

Hints and Cheats...

Maximum Charge Dash
Charge two or three levels then cancel with a dash. These dashes can deflect lower level attacks. For example, Dash level 3
deflects level 2 attacks.

Random Level Select
Press START on the level select screen to randomly pick a level.

Secret Characters
Finish one player mode with any character then in the Character Select press start on that character to get the hidden