Game Save Exchange System


The layout

-The newest revolution in
  gaming!  This device
  revolutionizes gaming by
  allowing you to copy and
  store game saves from a
  Playstation compatible
  memory card to the hard
  drive of your PC. The
  DexDrive also allows you
  to e-mail game levels,
  hidden characters or
  customized team rosters
  stored on a memory card
  to other gamers around the
  world via the internet. You
  can even upload and
  download game saves from
  the Web!
-Archive your memory card
  game saves onto a PC.  The
  DexDrive is the only device
  that will let you store game
  saves onto your computer's
  hard drive or a floppy disk.
  Also, copy from one
  memory card to another
  and reformat cards so they
  are ready to be used again.
-E-mail game saves to others.
  Use the DexDrive to e-mail
  game saves to other DexDrive
  owners. The DexPlorer
  software makes this
  transaction a snap.
-Upload and download
  Playstation game saves onto
  the internet.  Post your fastest
  racing laps onto the internet and
  dare anyone and their mother to
  beat it. Download updated team
  rosters for your favorite sports
  game from a newsgroup or
  gaming web site. Recycle.
  Receive. Restore. Replay. The
  possibilities are endless!
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The package includes:
DexDrive Hardware
DexPlorer Software
12-volt AC Adapter
User Guide
System Requirements:

Personal computer with a Pentium 75 or higher processor
Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0
8 megabytes of system RAM
2x CD-ROM drive
2 megabytes of available hard disk space
Super VGA color monitor
One available COM/Serial Port