The three games that are included in one consistent storyline are set solely in Las 
Vegas. You'll play as John McClane, again, this time visiting his buddy Kenny 
Sinclair in Vegas when some localized terrorist activity requires his intervention. 
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In Vegas, the odds are against John McClane as he battles terrorists intent on wiping sin city from the map! 
Blast your way through 25 levels of non-stop action with three explosive game styles combined into a riveting 
original story-driven adventure. Or just play the game style that you like best. 
Yippie-ki-yay! Blast into non-stop action as feature film and game hero John McClane, who once again finds 
the chips stacked against him as he faces a new legion of hi-tech terrorists in a race against time. 

The bright lights and vast landscape of Las Vegas provide the backdrop for an all-new story line that incorporates 
the three white-knuckle game styles of the original best-selling Die Hard Trilogy. Try to beat the odds as you match 
wits with the meanest, smartest villains in the most explosive adventure John McClane has ever faced. 

The payoff is the hottest action in town! 

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