Based on the historical ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS and the legendary warlords who fought to unite 3rd century China, Dynasty Warriors takes you to a realm where warriors were as cunning as they were courageous.
Master the dynamic gameplay. Wisely balance elaborate offensive strikes with precisely timed defensive counter attacks. Then unleash the killer combination to become Musou-the Warrior Unequaled.

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                               Dynasty Warriors comes from Koei who has
                               traditionally made historically accurate
                               strategy titles rather than action games. While
                               this title has its share of historical accuracy,
                               mostly in the form of characters and their
                               preferred weapons, don't let it fool you - this
                               is no boring history lesson.

                               Each fighter uses a preferred weapon, ranging
                               from enchanted maces with a short reach, to
                               long spears and glaives with their long reach.
                               The combat has been honed to represent
                               actual weapons combat, and with the
                               exception of a few high-jumping moves, it
                               seems fairly accurate.

                               Unlike Namco's Soul Blade, this title does not
                               feature wild multi-hit combos, but in order to
                               maintain its crisp 60 fps frame-rate the game relies on shorter, simpler combos
                               that can be joined together for a powerful effect.

                               One particularly nice feature of the game is the extensive defense system.
                               Rather than most titles which have only a single defensive move such as a
                               block, Dynasty Warriors has three separate moves. Players can block, parry,
                               or even redirect opponent's blows leaving them helplessly faced in the wrong
                               direction. These maneuvers are diffi