Beyond Fighting
The world's most brutal tournament has as
its trophy the legendary weapon 'EHRGEIZ'.
Now fighters from around the world assemble
to claim this prize and its mysterious power.
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3 Intense Paying Modes:

Arcade Fighting Action
Challenging Mini-Games
Full-featured RPG Adventure
Over ten playable characters, a cast of hidden
characters, and favorites from Final Fantasy 7
Compete in tests of speed, skill, and dexterity
in any of four unique mini-games.
Descend into ever-changing random
dungeon layouts in search of treasure,
ever-stronger weapons, and answers.
Complete 360 degree range of motion:
battle hand-to-hand, with weapons, or with
devastating combos and special moves.
Multiple-level, fully interactive arenas.

Niels Sorensen on Thursday, August 19, 1999 at 23:11:04
A few errors I noticed.  First to get koji, the first person(non FFVII) you beat arcade mode with will unlock him.  I am unsure of the second character Clair,  but it might be the second person you use so long as they aren't from FFVII or Koji.  For Vincent I think its the first FFVII person you beat it with.  After you have earned Vincent I think its the next person from FFVII besides Vincent that unlocks Yuffie.  To earn Django,  you have to beat the game with everyone.  And to earn Zak,  you have to beat the game with all the FFVII characters.  I am not sure about Clair but everything else is correct.  I coincendently used Yoko as my second person to beat the game.  I hope that this will be helpful in corrections.
Trunks on Sunday, June 20, 1999 at 23:35:50
Hey Ehrgeiz is the best game u can get it suits all peaple for racing, fighting, RPG(quest mode) I am buying it and its STrategy Guide and I cant wait to play it I go to arcades and waste my money and spend the whole time just playing Ehrgeiz so It is a HAVE TO HAVE!!!! :)

Bof on Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 16:44:26
to get django you have to beat the game with all 8 oringinal ehrgeiz fighters, not including the ff7 fighters.
to get koji, beat the game with any male charcter, except for the ff7 characters.
to get claire, beat the game with any female character, exept for the ff7 characters.
to get vincent, beat the game with tifa.
to get yuffie, beat the game with cloud.
to get ZACK, beat the game with all the ff7 characters, including yuffie and vincent.
Angel on Tuesday, June 15, 1999 at 00:49:47
To play Vencent you don't beat the games as sepiroth, you beat the game as Yuffie, thats it
Ramza on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 09:04:00
Infinite mode: at the press start screen L1 and start 
to get caith sith beat the game 10 times without using special or picking up any weeapons then turn off game then stick a final fantasy 7 game in the ps then play up to the gold saucer part when you get him now save over your ehrgeiz file start playing ehrgeiz now load that ( it will load trust me)
More Codes

Alternate Costumes
At the arcade mode character selection screen, hold Up while selecting a fighter.

Extra Battles
To get two extra batles, you must defeat Sasuke in less than 3 min and 20 seconds, the door that looks like the entrance to the
Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII) will open and you can fight Cluod and Tifa before the finale batle with Django.

Extra Costume's for Tifa and Cloud
For Cloud's 3rd Secret Costume defeat the game using Yuffie. For Tifa's 3rd Secret Costume defeat the game using Vincent.

Play Evil Panel
Defeat the CPU 10 consecutive times in the Battle Panel Mini-Game. Then in the top menu select Battle Panel while holding

Play as Zack
To play as Zack, Cloud's mentor in Final Fantasy 7, beat the game with all of the Final Fantasy 7 characters. Zack has the same
moves as Cloud.

Secret Characters
To get the secret characters, do the following:

     Koji Masuda-Defeat the game using any Male Character
     Clair Andrewsi Defeat the game using any female Character
     Yuffie Kisaragi- Defeat game using Cloud Strife
     Vincent Valentine- defeat game using Tifa Lockheart
     Zax- Defeat game using all the FF7 Charecters
     Django (aka Neo-Red XIII)- Defeat game using all Ehrgeiz Characters (All except for the FF7 crew.)

Third Costumes for Normal Ehrgeiz Characters
To get the third costumes for normal Ehrgeiz characters, complete the following and they will be released.

   1.Beat arcade mode without continuing.
   2.Beat arcade mode and get EHRGEIZ with any character.
   3.Perform a 10-hit combo in practice mode.
   4.Get 35,000 points in Battle Beach.
   5.Get 2,000 points in Infinite Battle.
   6.Have all FMVs in the Movie Player.
   7.Get a perfect score on Evil Panel(Computer must have 0 panels).
   8.Beat the computer in Battle Runner on any level with any number of laps.

The costumes will be released in this order as you complete the objectives: Yoko, Han, Prince Doza, Inoba, Sasuke, Jo, Lee,
and finally Godhand.*To get the alternate uniforms, hold down and pick the character.

Vincent's Alternate Costume
Once Vincent is unlocked you can be him in a TURK outfit you do this by holding UP on the directional pad. The picture will
remain the same but. If you care to see the alternate picture the role the directional pad in a 90 degree rotation, this dose not
give you the costume just the pic, you still have to hold up to use it.

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