Overpower the hottest games and revive the old ones!

Hook up on back of PlayStation

GameShark is the ultimate game
enhancer for use with the
PlayStation game console. With
GameShark, you can take your
gaming to new levels of fun and
excitement. Gain access to
hidden characters, weapons and
vehicles. Even the odds with
infinite health and endless ammo.
Obtain those hard-to-find keys
with ease. "Put in the fix" so your
team always wins. GameShark
takes you where you want to go!
 With GameShark's easy-to-use
menu-driven interface and
hundreds of pre-programmed
codes, simply highlight the
enhancements of your choice
and start playing games like never
before! With enough memory to
store thousands of codes,
GameShark can be continually
updated with all of the newest
codes for the hottest releases.
Order Online 1-800-942-0426

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