Grandia, one the the most popular role-playing games 
in recent history, is now available exclusively for the 
PlayStation. RPG fans will welcome Grandia's imaginative, 
vibrant and detailed game play, which is complemented 
by a strong character-driven story, set in a warm and inviting 
world. Grandia is an RPG masterpiece, loaded with innovative 
game play features and scenarios that will captive players, 
providing for more than 70 hours of game play.
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* Up to four characters to occupy your party in exploration and battle.

* Inviting and vibrant worlds each with their own architectual style.

* A Field Radar view provides an overhead perspective for easier exploration and item location.

* Over 200 enemies to battle.

* Real-time battles where you are challenged with strategically planning out attacks, distance, 
spells, placement and order; all four can also attack simultaneously.

* An impressive system of magic and character development that will captivate you for hours.

* Over 200 weapons and over 200 items to collect.

* Over 80 spells and attack techniques.

* Find Mana Eggs to purchase your magic, spells, weapons and items - all customizable to 
fit your character's personality for unique combination attacks.

There is a legend that speaks of a time long ago when humans received special 
blessing from a sacred power. Proof of this blessing came in the form of the sacred 
soul stones, given to humans by the "Kouyokujin" or "beings with wings of light." 
It was said that as long as the light from the sacred soul stones shone throughout the 
world, humans would enjoy great prosperity. However, once humans reach the peak 
of their prosperity, the curtains would suddenly close on their golden era; after which, 
only 7 of the sacred soul stones shall remain and likewise, only a few of the Kouyokujin. 
It is from this tale that the myth about "Enjuru" and the "First Century" was born. On the 
eastern edge of the Meshna continent lies the harbor town of Pahmu, the site of an 
ongoing industrial revolution. In this town lives an energetic young boy named Justin, 
who dreams of one day becoming an adventurer just like his father. Before Justin's father 
died, he left a keepsake for his son--one of the sacred soul stones. One day, Justin and 
his friend Sue decide to visit the Saruto Ruins north of Pahmu. Within the ruin's deepest 
recesses sleeps a memory straight out of antiquity. It is in here where both of them 
witness an event that will forever change their lives. 

Grandia is an extraordinary story that pits magic and technology against the feral guise 
of corruption. Long ago, before humans could claim their superiority upon this world, a 
benevolent race, with great knowledge and powers, lived in peace and harmony. 

As the world evolved, humans began to establish their roots in these lands and people 
began to believe that the existence of magical city of Angelou was nothing but a myth. 
But the sinister General Baal knows otherwise and scours the world in hopes to find the 
ancient capital of Alent and unleash its secrets. 

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you assume the role of Justin, a percocious 15-year 
old boy, as the adventure begins and you uncover what happened to the ancient world and try 
to stop General Baal from awakening a deadly secret. 

Leban  on Friday, November 26, 1999 at 12:45:09
This Game is great!!! nice pixelated characters and a great story!!!
collect magical eggs kill gruesome beasts speak with strangers learn new moves and magic...
2 CD's filled with lovely worlds and dark caverns!
TOTAL 9.5/10
Easy level up for water magic
If you reach a save point don't recover right away. Take any character with water magic and spend all of their MP casting
healing spells. This will give you Water magic experience points. Then step on the save point and recover. This way you can get
water experience, but recover the mp right away.


Near the entrance to the Dio ruins there is a save point very close to a wall trap. Run into the trap and heal yourself with water
magic as long as you like. You can get very high magic levels very quickly. 

Hidden Mission
To access a bonus stage, go to the Zil Dessert on Disc 2. In the southern part of the desert, there should be a path in the canyon
wall that leads to the castle of dreams. (If you still cannot find it, go south from the desserts exit alog the wall.) This area is just a
place to gain exp and obtain the Lightning sword. 

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