The most advanced racing experience ever created is 
back; featuring beefed up graphics, game play, and much 
more. Gran Turismo 2 features over 400 authentic 
vehicles, from world-class car manufactures, spanning 
a wide range of generations and car models. 
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* Over 400 authentic vehicles.

* All vehicles designed to exact specifications.

* All-new European and old American muscle cars.

* All-new off-road and drag racing modes.

* Over 40 detailed tracks to race.

* Arcade Racing mode with power slides, burnouts, jumps 
and excessive speeds.

* In-depth Simulation mode where money is earned to buy 
and sell vehicles and upgrade parts.

* 2 player racing.

JOSH  RICK@BELLSOUTH.NET  on Saturday, July 8, 2000 at 13:00:00
Dustin  on Saturday, February 19, 2000 at 19:00:22
I love racing games because it has ton of action,and send me CHEATS!!
Mikiey on Saturday, January 29, 2000 at 02:25:22
This game is not for the weak of cheats should be given!
Rodrigo () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 12:00:22
It's simply the best!!!! A must-have for playstation. If you like racing simulation you will love this game. 
Tony  on Saturday, December 4, 1999 at 17:51:38
Send me review,tips,and cheats.    Please tell me when Gran Turismo 2 is coming to store's so i can buy 
the game ok.     Write back.
Brian Dye  on Saturday, November 20, 1999 at 11:00:00
This game isn't even out yet!  But for a preview of my review, this is the best game ever made!
Leif Waxlax   on Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 06:05:58
Hi.. I want some cheats to GT1 and GT2. GT is the best game of all, but it would be better with 
some cheats. Please, please!!!!!!
A-Class license award
Get the gold rating on all A-Class license tests to unlock the Dodge Concept Car. 

Acquire credits quickly
Win a GT League, Rally or Special Event. Then sell the bonus car and race the circuit again. 

Arcade Mode Ending Credits
Win all 23 forward courses in Arcade mode at Hard difficulty. 

B-Class license award
Get the gold rating on all B-Class license tests to unlock the Spoon Honda S2000 (modified streetcar). 

Bonus Cars in Simulation mode
Unlike the original (where rewards were straightforward) bonus cars in Gran Turismo 2's Simulation mode are more numerous 
and subjective. Simulation mode bonuses are determined by:

The car the player drives (and the class it is in.) 
The number of consecutive wins that car has achieved prior to a given race. 
The course on which the race occurs. 
Most of the time, bonuses vary by one class. Thus, a Class-B victory is likely to be awarded with a Class-C, Class-B or Class-A 
bonus car.
Bonus cars in Arcade mode
Win a forward course in Arcade mode at Normal difficulty. 

Bypass license exams 
Load a memory card containing Gran Turismo license data. Gran Turismo licenses (B Class, A Class and International-A) will fulfill 
similarly named license requirements in Gran Turismo 2.

Car wash glitch
There is a mistake at the part where you wash your car. When you go wash your car, it says it costs 5,000 credits to wash once. 
But it's really costing you only 50 credits. 

Double Your Cash and Garage Space
It is understood that your garage in Gran Turismo 2 only holds 100 cars at a time. Lets say you have 100 cars and $10 million 
credits Save your game play twice on two differants memory cards. Use one card as your primary garage and one as your 
secondary garage. Now take the first card and sell off all the lower cars then safe agian. Now take the secondary card , load 
up and sell all the higher cars then safe again on the secondary card. Keep your best race cars on the primary and all others 
on the secondary. You have now double your garage space to 200 and have doubled your credits with 10 million in each , plus 
what you got for the sold cars for a total credits of 20 million plus whatever earned on sold cars, split between the two garages. 
If you need to transfer a car from one garage to the other, use the data tranfer mode off the main menu by buying the cars off 
each other You will never lose the money for you own both garages. When one garage fills up, do it again.

Event Synthesizer
Earn the Super License to unlock the “Event Synthesizer” in GT League. 

Extra HP in HP limited races
On the simulation disc you can use a car with up to 5 more HP on the races (with limited HP). Go buy a item such as race 
mufflers or computer, but do not equip them on the car. Before the race go into settings and equip the item. The computer 
will allow around 5 HP more than posted. 

Get Mark Martin's NASCAR Racecar
Go to the Ford dealership, hit the link for Lineup 2, buy yourself a Ford Taurus SHO '99 ($30,980). Make sure you have $85,000 
handy. Go to the tune-up area and put racing modifications on it. Now look at it! It's Mark Martin's Race Car! Cool huh! 

International-A Class award
Get the gold rating on all International-A license tests to unlock the Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition (racecar). 

International-B Class award
Get the gold rating on all International-B license tests to unlock the Honda Del Sol LM Edition (racecar). 

International-C Class award
Get the gold rating on all International-C license tests to unlock the Mitsubishi 3000 GT LM Edition (racecar). 

Max Percentage
Due to weird programming errors you cannot receive 100% completion on the simulation disc. The max you can get is 98.2%

Reverse courses in Arcade mode
Win a forward course in Arcade mode at Hard difficulty.

Simulation Mode Ending Credits
Win the GT World League trophy. 

Super License award
Get the gold rating on all Super License tests to unlock the Toyota GT-ONE Racecar. 

The best car in the game
Choose the Suzuki Esgundo special edition and leave every car eating your dust. It has 950 hp for a top speed well above 200 
and it turns on a dime. It costs 2 million dollars and can be found under "special" in the Suzuki section of east city

Unlock S-Class cars in Arcade mode
Pass the first 5 license tests (B, A, International-C, International-B, and International-A) in Simulation mode to unlock the Super 
Sports car class in Arcade mode.

Unlock the Super License
Earn all licenses (A, B, International-C, International-B, International-A) to unlock the Super License. 

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