The most technically advanced 2-D Playstation
game console game of all time!  Unique
compression engine allows for an un-
precedented number of frames per character!

10 playable characters plus hidden bosses!

The final stage of evolution in 2-D
fighting!  Unique new gameplay systems
including the fearsome "Instant Kill!"

Insane anime character design!

Ultra-hardcore metal soundtrack!

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Wisnton-Salem, NC 27106

Boss Select
To play as Testament, Justice, and Baiken without beating the game, press and hold Down, Square, L1, and R2 from the time
after the PlayStation is turned on (white screen) to the Guilty Gear title screen. The bosses will appear above the normal
characters on the character select screen.

Play as Baiken
To get Baiken, beat the normal mode without continuing.

Play as Testament and Justice
To fight as Testament and Justice, complete in arcade mode under the normal difficulty level. Continues may be used.