Hidden away in the Heart of Darkness lies a terrifying
world.  A world ruled by the Master of Darkness whose
cruel and absolute power leads an army of emaciated devils.
The fiendish force scours the land in search of Andy,
a young boy on a quest to rescue his dog Whisky.

Trapped in a terrifying nightmare, only you can take
Andy through hundreds of epic encounters to overcome
a whole host of wonderfully weird characters and
emerge triuphant from the Heart of Darkness.

In a world just like our own lives Andy, a boy like any other. His teacher hates him.
His dog adores him. The thing that really scares him is the dark. To rescue his doggy
pal, Whisky, snatched away by the Forces of Darkness, Andy must face his darkest
fears in a secret kingdom, a world of soul-hungry phantoms, bed-time demons, manic
monsters and bizarre friends.

As Andy, you will climb, swing, twist, swim and shoot your way through a world filled
with mystical mazes, exotic landscapes and evil enemies. Fight head-on through 8 huge
levels inhabited by The Shades and The Dark Souls. This is a land where your
childhood nightmares become a reality...


"The next best thing to being there, just without the feel and smell
of pure evil dancing in the wind around you!"
Dirk Diggler