Race the season circuit For Championship Points
Multiple Tracks and Lighting Effects
Insane jumps and Prcision Control

Endorsed by Jeremy McGrath, 7-time AMA Motorcross Champion
Jeremy McGrath designed tracks and bikes
Seven 3-D rendered indoor and outdoor tracks
Realistic terrain like sand, mud, water, gravel and ice affect handling and speed
Variable weather conditions like rain, snow and thunder
Name your rider and customize your own 125cc and 250cc bikes
Create and store 25 custom tracks on a single Memory Card
Insane jumps, stunts, hairpin turns and painful wipeouts
Multiple 3-D player perspectives
Unlock hidden cheats and shortcuts
Championship Series - players compete for first place and chance to race against Jeremy McGrath
Time Trial - compete against "Ghost" rider image of your own best time
Split-screen two player races
Combines Supercross and Motorcross racing

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