The sinister Dr. Knarf has plans for world

domination.  And he's created an army of
nasty mutant vegatables to carry out his
doomsday plot.  That is, until he encounters
the fiendish charms of Jersey Devil ...hmmm-
if he only knew what he was getting into!
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                               Malofilm's Jersey Devil was the subject of
                               not a small bidding war earlier this year when
                               Sony itself finally walked away with the
                               rights. The game puts players in control of a
                               small but decently designed character who
                               must thwart the efforts of an evil scientist
                               (sound familiar)?

                               Artistically speaking the game is quite well
                               done. The team at Malofilm (formerly
                               Readysoft) have managed to capture the look
                               of Braindead 13 and translated it well into a
                               3D world. Eerie but cartoony level design is
                               what was aimed for and largely achieved.
                               Enemy and boss designs are obviously from
                               the same school and by and large are also
                               well conceived.

                            Levels themselves consist largely of running and jumping from platform to
                               platform, but Jersey Devil does toss in some small level of exploration and
                               puzzle solving. The devil's moves include a punch (a la Mario/Croc), a tail
                               spin (a la Crash/Croc), climbs poles (a la Mario). He does have one unique
                               ability and that's gliding via the use of his small wings, though this is still not
                               particularly original.

                               The game's control is quite tight and feels very good using the dual-shock
                               analog controller. Judging distances can sometimes be a little difficult, but a
                               shadow under the devil usually lets people see where they're going even on
                               big falls. One of the glaring oversights of the game is the inability for the
                               devil to look up or down. Thus in trying to see where objects are or even
                               trying to scout where one's next jump should be are far harder than they
                               should be. If there were one area to copy Croc it would have been the use of
                               the second analog pad for a means of looking around the environment.

                               On the audio side, sound effects and background music are well composed.

                               Overall, Jersey Devil isn't a bad game. Actually, quite the contrary it is fun
                               and fairly well designed, but if you're looking for anything you haven't seen
                               before, this isn't the title for you.


                         JERSEY DEVIL TIPS AND TRICKS

                         Extra Life in the Park
                            In the park level, follow the road from the
                            start.  Walk up to the second fountain you
                            come to.  Go left and follow the road come
                            to until you see a statue on the right that
                            looks like a woman holding a long piece of
                            paper.  Tail whip it 3 times.  Each time you
                            hit it it should go a little off balance.  After 3
                            hits, it should fall over and a life will pop

                         Secret Level
                            Go outside the museum level to the big
                            statue. Walk behind it and it says " 02P "
                            That means when you get your power level
                            at 02, push the statue and you should fall
                            into the secret level.

                         Unlimited Extra Lives
                            In the beginning of the game, get the extra
                            life on top of the fountain. Then, pause the
                            game and check your status. Unpause the
                            game and there will be another extra life on
                            top of the fountain.  Keep on doing this for
                            unlimited extra lives!