The Ultimate Fighting Simulation!
K-1 Revenge combines all
forms of Martial Arts in a
single class competition.
The skill and techniques of
15 Actual K-1 Fighters
have been captured to
provide the thrills and
excitement of actual K-1
Combat. This international
group of warrior champions
combine speed, strength and
agility as they compete in the
fastest and most awesome
application of the complete
range of martial arts.
Based on actual K-1 fighters
5 Levels of CPU artificial intelligience
Razor sharp control response
New special moves & combos
Special hidden characters
New training modes

Reviews, Tips, Comments
Casey  on Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 16:19:34
I bought this game because my brother is going to be fighting in the K-1 USA on August 5th in Las Vegas. 
I like it a lot.  I have all the hidden characters except Yamoto.  So, if anyone reads this and knows how to 
get him please e-mail me.  I agree with Rocky in the fact that there is a lot of japanese characters in this 
game because Japan had a BIG influence on this game.  So, hopefully someone can help me find out how to 
get Yamoto and if there is somewhere where it tells how to do everyone's special moves I would like that too. 
Some of the moves I cannot find out how to do.  And maybe my bro will be in the next K-1 video game...Look 
for him Jason "Roadblock(I think it is going to be changed to Gladitor)" Johnson
Darrin Sprowel 
Just played K-1 Revenge for the 1st time last night. I've never seen the actual event, but the game is to kool. I 
like the actual footage in the beginning of the game. And the ending footage. Playing the game is "the bomb". 
The team battle is a good way to play against friends. 
K-1 Revenge is an awesome game.  Many people might find the game to be stupid because it is to challenging for 
them because they don't understand the strategy that you have to use to win your fights.  You can't just go out 
and pound the buttons.  I think this is one of the best fight sims Iplayed right along side Knock out Kings.  I love 
Knockout kings But this one is Knockout kings on Wheels.  A must Own.  Does Need a create your own player mode. 
To add some depth to the game.  Great for 2 player
I think it a great game, but I still have not found out how to get all the ? 
Bryan Malantic
A great game!! Specially for Kickboxing fans for other arts, I only wish I had all moves, and i can make my own character. 
Wheres Morris Smith? anyway i just bought the game, i wish there more realistic games about k-1 and other arts.
I just bought K-1: Revenge, it's a good game however the garphics need a little work and it would be nice to know all the moves. 
But dont let me dis this game, it's very good and lots of fun.
Rocky Rosebud
K-1 revenge was a big improvement over the K-1 arena fighters.  I like it because it has real life fighters and show their endings.
It is a great game, have only 1 more secret character to go!
But, the Japanese influence is in this game - they ignore great fighters like Jerome LeBanner, Rob Kaman, Rick Roufus (Maurice 
Smith doesn't deserve to be in this game) and they put in a whole lot of Jap players.  I mean, Musashi sucks in real life, but 
he kicks @$$ in the game.
Hints and Cheats...

Alternate Colors
For alternate colors and/or uniforms, hold L1 and R1 for several seconds at the title screen. You will hear a *ding* sound 
if the code worked.

Boss Code
Choose "Team Battle" from the main menu screen. When the character select screen appears, press up, up, down, down, 
left, right, left, right, start. Master Ishii will appear to the right of the other fighters.

Infinite Stamina
At the title screen, wait for the words "Push Start" to begin flashing, then quickly press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, 
DOWN, LEFT, SELECT. You should hear a small explosions to confirm the code; if you don't hear it keep trying. Once the code 
is in place, start a match in any game mode and you'll find that your stamina will never go down--but neither will you opponents.

Strength Adjustment
During a match press start to pause. Then press L2, R1, L1, R1, L2, R1. You will see flashing numbers on the left and right side.
Use the D-pad to move the numbers up or down for each character so you can increase or decrease your chosen players strength 
from 1 to 9.

View Ending
Turn on the PlayStation with the K1 disc inside. Hold L1+L2+Triangle+Circle+Left on both controllers while the game loads. Continue 
to hold them until the demo begins. Instead of the normal intro, you will see the ending cinema and game credits.

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