Each year, 64 teams from across the country compete 
for the National Championship in an amazing spectacle 
called March Madness. For three weeks, unknown players 
emerge and superstars shine to carry their teams to victory. 
March Madness 2000 gives you all the moves you need 
to carry your team to the National Championship. New 
Dynamic Ball Control lets you school the competition 
with a killer crossover move or stutter step juke and 
finish with a basket-shaking two-handed dunk.  March 
Madness 2000 is complete with team specific play books 
and play styles, and tons of fight songs, drum cadences 
and chants for the most authentic college basketball 
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Dynamic Ball Control. Revolutionizing the way basketball is played on the PlayStation
combo basic dribbling moves with new ankle-breaking crossovers, stutter step jukes, shoulder
fakes and spin moves for total control on the court.

Authentic College Atmosphere. Tons of school fight songs played by real
college bands, team-specific chants and cheers, and new drum cadences deliver the spirit of
college basketball to the PlayStation.

Dickie V. Dick Vitale delivers his "RAM-JAM-SLAM-BAM" commentary alongside
solid play-by-play from Ron Franklin.

Over 45 new teams including teams from the IVY, MEAC, SWAC, West Coast
and Southern conferences.

All-new Mo-Capped Moves?100 new animations including all-new dunks, finger
rolls and reverse layups, and players diving on the ground for a loose ball.

Easy to Play?Play like a pro and control over 10 Dynamic Ball Control moves
with the touch of a button.

Faster Gameplay. Faster frame rate and faster moves for the fastest action on
the hardwood.

Deeper Dynasty Mode

Build your team over multiple seasons and recruit red-shirt players.

Team-specific playbooks and play styles let you run up the score with
Wake Forest or slow it down and run the back door offense of Princeton.

Rivalry Mode?Play against your school?s biggest rival for the toughest match
up of the season. Your rival teams ratings adjust to deliver a close, heated battle on the

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