The stuff legends are made of
Now you can choose your
favorite heroes from the
worlds of Street Fighter and
Marvel Super Heroes to
face off in a head-to-head
battle for supremacy. And
for the first time, team up
any two characters in the
brand new cross-over
mode and experience and
explosive tag-team challenge.

Dive into the action to
perform outrageous moves
and link together amazing
Chain Combos... delight in
their devastating results.
Marvel Super Heroes vs.
Street Fighter combines two
incredible universes to create
an entirely new legend of
heroic proportions.

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Hints and Cheats...

Bonus Options
Beat the game without losing any rounds. Then, additional selections will
appear on the options menu, including increasing the speed to eight stars
and always having full combo meters.

Cheat Menu for the Japanese Version
While on the main menu screen, quickly press L1, X, Left, Square,

Extra Characters and Outfits
Play as Shadow Highlight Dhalsim hold SELECT and hit any button.

Play as Mech Zangief Highlight Blackheart hold SELECT and hit any

Play as Mephisto Highlight Omega Red hold SELECT and hit any button.

Play as Evil Sakura Highlight Hulk hold SELECT and hit any button.

Play as Armor Spiderman Highlight Spiderman hold SELECT and hit any

Play as U.S. Agent Highlight Vega hold SELECT and hit any button.

Play as Mech Gouki Highlight Gouki in battle or vs mode press SELECT
5 times and hit any button.

Play as Grey Hulk Enable the "Play as Dark Sakura" code and choose
Hulk as her partner.

Play as same character: Beat the game once with any character. Then, the
same character may now be chosen by both players on the character
selection screen.

New Colors Choose your character by pressing HK or HP.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (PSX) Review Ayo Jegede


I do believe that this is a worthwhile game. I have only played
the arcade version a couple of times, but I do believe that the
console version doesn't lack to much of the original luster of it.
MSH V SF is a great game. As with X-Men vs. Street Fighter,
they loaded it with tons of extras not found on the arcade or the
Saturn version. Speaking of which, you must understand
that if you do buy a Playstation game made or published by
Capcom, you should not compare it to the Saturn. The Saturn
has, in my opinion, an unfair advantage over the Playstation
version; the 4MB Ram Cart. This doubles everything in the
game while the Playstation is left there without any additional
assistance. Regardless of this fact, the graphics in this
game are great and because of the tag-team "limitations" it is
also twice as fast. The sound is crisp and clear all the way to
the final announcer and the music is straight from the
arcade and sounds great!! But because of the Tekken-style
controls of the Playstation, this is the only area that lags. (If
only there was a Saturn controller for the Playstation)
Regardless of this fact, Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter
is an outstanding game for the Playstation. I would no
t recommend it to the zealous Capcom followers but for those
who do like Capcom and maybe own a couple of their games.

I said "limitations" because all of the other game reviewers
whine that tag-team was lost and because of this it ruined
the entire game, which I think is ludicrous.