June 3, 1944: Tomorrow the allies land on the beach at 
Normandy. Tonight you land behind enemy lines. As an 
elite Special Forces agent, you'll execute covert operations 
and commando raids in the only game that lets you take on 
the Nazis in World War II. 
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* Drop behind enemy lines and fight the Nazis head-on. Use stealth and firepower 
to complete challenging missions.

* Fight 20 different German enemies, use 15 WWII weapons (including Tommy guns 
and Bazookas) and tackle 13 authentic missions featuring espionage, disguise and stealth.

* Multiple 2-player modes including head-to-head, co-op and "Hot Potato" using a 
live hand grenade.

You are an elite Special Forces agent sent to execute covert operations, 
search and rescue missions, and commando raids in the only game that 
lets you take on Nazis in WWII. 

Face 20 different opponents types and carry out 11 missions across 30 
3D levels. Fight the foes with your choice of 12 WWII era weapons. A 
compelling story, cinematic score and multiple two-player modes bring 
the combat alive as you fight to win the Medal of Honor. 

Ryan on Wednesday, March 29, 19100 at 20:41:21
This game is awesome, I loved it, even though it took a very long time to beat.  I didn't expect a first person shooter to be so great, 
like other poor first person shooter games.  But I was wrong, this game is a must have for people who love challenge!!!
Serghey  on Monday, February 7, 19100 at 23:55:50
Heeeelp! I can't past the level where i must find "the keys to the under levels..." i transmit my fake SOS signal by radio, but can't 
find that damn keys...please,help me!...thanks you anyway...:)))
Oli  on Tuesday, December 28, 1999 at 09:45:15 

Rapid fire  ICOSIDODEC
Reflecting shots  GOBLUE
Wire frame mode  TRACERON
American movie mode  SPRECHEN
Audie Murphy mode  MOSTMEDALS
Picture of a girl  COOLCHICK
Picture of AJ  AJRULES
Picture of development team DWIMOHTEAM
Gallery of pictures DWIGALLERY
Infinite ammunition*  BADCOPSHOW
Special power-ups DENNISMODE

(*) indicates - Multi-player mode only 

Mark keller  on Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 18:28:49
In game press start & press fast L1,L1,R2,L1,left, right.For cheat options.
Jakub Stacho  on Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 09:16:45
I would like to know, if you can sent me a information about this game. What kind of graffity is this...
So please write me back.Thanks Jakub
Sean  on Friday, November 12, 1999 at 01:53:44
I have played this game and it is awesome!!!!  On a letter grade scale, it's a definite A+++
Captain Dye Mode
With this code your health will stay the same from one mission to the next (if you end mission 1 with 47% health you'll begin
mission 2 with 47% health.) To use this code enter: CAPTAINDYE at the password screen.

Enable Evil Col. Muller in Multiplayer
Enter: BIGFATMAN in the password screen to enable Manon's arch-nemesis

Everyone speaks English (American Movie Mode)...the easy way
To enable American Movie Mode enter the password: SPRECHEN

Everyone speaks English (American Movie Mode)...the hard way
After you complete the second mission with a three star rating for each level, you will be rewarded with a secret code entitled
"American Movie Mode". Also, if you beat the mission with at least one two star rating and three three star ratings, you will
recieve the second medal.

Kill Yourself
Press R1, R2, L2, R1, R1, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1 then press SQUARE quickly. Your player should blow up and say, "What did
you do that for?"

Nifty Multiplayer Power-Ups and how they work
To get you get the first medal and a cheat option beat the first three levels with a three-star rating OR enter: DENNISMODE at
the password screen.
To get a powerup in multiplayer, kill your opponent and pick-up the box right next to the dead body. If you did not turn on the
cheat, this should be a player ammo box. However, if the cheat is on you will get one of the following: (NOTE: The powerup
affects either you or your opponent and it doesn't matter who picks it up. I'll refer the person being affected as the victim. Each
powerup that lasts will last for about 45 to 50 seconds.)
BLK(Blink)- Everytime the victim tries to reload, the victim will transport to one of the two to three pre-set locations on the
DMX(4x Damage)- The victim's fire power will increased by four folds. REV(reverse controls)- The victim's controls will be
reversed. Left will be right, and up will be down.
FRZ(frozen)- The victim can not move foward or backward or sideways. The victim can only look up and down and left or
SLW(slow)- The victim's movement will slow down by almost 4 times. When the victim couch, the victim can hardly move a
few inches.
DMD(half-damage)- The victim's damage will decrease by two folds.
RFL(reflecting shot)- The victim's bullet will reflect off walls, grounds, and ceilings.
SWP(swap ammo)- The victim's opponent's ammo will be given to the victim. However, the opponent will still keep the same
ammount of ammo and only the victim's ammo will increase.
AIR(air hanging)- When the victim jumps, the victim will stay in the air for a while longer than normal. This is good for making
long jumps from roof to roof. 

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