Return to the strange and wacky world of Medievil, only this time itís even stranger and 
wackier in Medievil II. Is that possible? You bet. Get ready for more puzzles, twisted 
humor and weirder action. Strap on the blunderbuss, the gattling gun or try your luck 
with a torch.
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MediEvil II delivers a great balance of something familiar and something new. Sir Dan returns as the undead hero, 
as valiant as ever. All the fundamental game structures are identical - the perfect balance of exploration, puzzle-solving, 
battle and platform elements. At the same time, MediEvil II offers a whole new set of challenges and amazing gameplay 
with new moves, new playable characters and technological advancement. 
Beware the streets of a twisted gothic version of Victorian London where Zarok's spell book has fallen into the hands of 
the evil occulist Lord Palethrone. Once again the spell is unleashed upon the land making the dead walk the earth and 
magnifying evil, creating untold numbers of foul demons. 

Only Sir Danial Fortesque can stop this evil maniac. Much to Sir Dan's annoyance the spell awakes him once again for 
battle, but if being raised from his eternal slumber isn't bad enough, this time he finds himself an exhibit in the poorly 
attended "MediEvil Gallomere" section of the great museum. Sir Dan is back and the world is an even stranger place. 

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