A Gothic Tale Staight from the Grave

Challenge the powers of darkness and untold
magic as Sir Daniel Fortesque returns from
the grave to battle an evil sorcerer's plans of
demise.  (As if being dead wasn't bad enough!)
Follow the mystical trail of darkness and
land in the journey of a lifetime.

A mighty arsenal of weapons awaits:
swords, daggers, crossbows, hammers,
the occasional chicken drumsick
and more!

Fiendish puzzles and riddles to solve.

Ghoulish enemies that will strike
fear in the bravest of players.

A spine-tingling soundtrack.

"A surprise contender for game of the year!" - PS Extreme

"An epic challenge with breathtaking graphics and gameplay." -Game Informer Magazine

                          The wave of 3D action titles for the Playstation seems to increase every month.
                           Even more surprising are the amount which come straight from Sony themselves.
                           Obviously not content to have the multi-million selling Crash titles, Sony has also
                           released the slightly boring Spyro, and the simply horrid Blasto within the last
                           couple of months. Having been hyped somewhat as a 'Ghouls and Ghosts 3D',
                           Medievil has some really big shoes to fill.

                          The storyline revolves around a former warrior, Sir Daniel Fortesque, now
                           returned to life (well...unlife), by an evil sorceror. But unfortunately for Daniel, the
                           rest of the dead are also awoken, leaving him no chance but to 'kill' them all on the
                           way to stop the sorceror. The story doesn't really excite me, but at least it sets the
                           stage for dozens of dark, creepy looking levels.

                           The gameplay is surprisingly straight forward. Daniel can't jump very high, and
                           from what I've played platforming hasn't come into play well...ever. I'm sure the
                           later levels will improve on this, but the basic hack and slack action is seeming a
                           little to generic. Even the attacking is limited to either a straight forward sword
                           swipe, and a 360 spin when you charge a button. Not exactly the intense
                           swordplay that you'd expect with a title like 'Medievil'. More abilities are learned
                           as the game progresses though, so with any luck, Daniel's arsenal will improve.

                           Basically the few levels I demoed required simply to get from the start of the level,
                           to the end. No puzzles, and no challenges harder than 'find the key'. Gameplay is
                           also limited to a track, though not as restictive as the Crash games. What Medievil
                           DOES have in common with Crash though, is the excellent visuals. The
                           atmosphere is creepy, the levels are solid, and the lighting and effects are amazing.
                           The similarly spooky soundtrack is a bonus as well.

                           If you're looking for a nice Halloween style adventure which is similar
                           to Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas in visual style, and is really easy to
                           pick up, then maybe Medievil will be for you. But if the first few levels are any
                           indication, then Sony has given us yet another 3D adventure which fails to set the
                           world on fire.

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