Mega Man blasts his way into the third dimension in an
amazing new adventure, Mega Man Legends combines the
best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses, a
riveting storyline and all the depth of the hottest RPG.
Explore vast 3-D worlds in your quest to find the
treasure of all treasures, the Mother Lode.  You'll
love the new 3-D graphics, deadly weapons and
non-stop action... unless of course, you're a boss.
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Awesome Weapons!
Diabolical Bosses!
Legendary Gameplay!
Non-Stop 3-D Action!
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In a world covered by endless water...

People are forced to eke out a living on
the small patches of land that remain
above the sea.  The people of this world
rely on ancient technology driven by
quantum refractors, a powerful energy
source.  These refractors lie in ancient
ruins underground and in the sea and
are sought out by explorers called "Diggers."
These brave explorers are the sole
source of refractor energy which has
become a cornerstone of the emerging

Originally, this was the Diggers' only
purpose; to find refractors so that civi-
lization would endure.

However over the years, the story of an
incredible treasure, the legendary
Mother Lode, began to be whispered
among the Diggers.

The Mother Lode.... a treasure so great
that were it discovered, it would provide
so much power that the world need
never fear of running out of energy.

In search of this Mother Lode, Diggers
travel from one island to another in
their flying machines ever hoping that
they'll find what they seek just over the

Who can say what truly motivates the

One day a well known digger, Barell
Casket, found a baby in an archeologi-
cal site.  He named the baby Mega Man
Voulnut, and raised him with his grand-
daughter Roll.  Fourteen years have
passed since the disappearance of Roll's
parents while they were excavating a site.
Mega Man and Roll's parents in an
effort to both discover the truth of their
mysterious disappearance and to find
the long lost family treasure....the

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                               One of the most enduring characters in
                               videogame history, Megaman, finally gets a
                               chance to join his mascot brethren in 3D in
                               Megaman Legends.

                               In typical Megaman style, the game
                               progresses through a series of mazes and
                               merciless bosses, but surprisingly, beyond
                               the usual weapon upgrades and mechanical
                               enemies, this is where the similarity with past
                               Megaman games ends.

                               Incorporating RPG and adventure game
                               elements, Legends takes advantage of
                               massive, finely detailed 3D worlds and
                               densely populated towns. In addition to shooting bad guys and taking down
                               humongous bosses, Megaman must interact with a host of characters and
                               can participate in a slew of sub-missions, showing a level of depth that
                               should appeal to fans of the series as well as the more dexterous role-player.

                               But, despite the Capcom's good intentions, there are several problems.

                               First, Capcom failed to implement analog control, resulting in jerky controls
                               and stiff maneuvering, which can be unforgiving when the player is in a tight
                               spot. Also, the camera controls work in tandem with how you alter the
                               configuration of the controller, thus completing the equation of "difficult
                               controls = bad camera angles."

                               It's a tough hurdle to overcome for the casually interested gamer, but the
                               controls can be mastered, and for those with enough patience, the game
                               opens up magnificently. With a high level of depth and exploration,
                               Megaman Legends is much more immersive than any of its 2D predecessors.

                               But first impressions can be a killer, and unfortunately, it doesn't possess the
                               most outstanding graphics or mechanics to hook the merely curious. 

                      CHEATS and HINTS

                            Building up Cash
                            Certain sections of the game contain
                            enemies who drop expensive refracters.  By
                            leaving the area and then coming back, you
                            can kill the same enemy over and over to
                            build up your cash supply.

                            There's another way, too.  You can earn a
                            quick 1,000 Zinny by kicking the soda can
                            behind the counter of the Bakery Shop.  As
                            the game progresses the amount you
                            receive for your efforts goes up.  This is a
                            great trick if your low on cash.

                            Museum Fun:
                            This will take you some time to
                            accomplish.  First, talk to the Painter in the
                            UpTown.  Tell her that her painting needs
                            color.  Ask the clerk in the clothesstore for
                            her lipstick.  Give it to the Painter.  This will
                            reveal that she works in the museum.  Now
                            you can enter the building.  On the second
                            floor, you can place interesting items that
                            you find in the ruins.  After you have placed
                            the seven required items, a girl in a green
                            dress will come along and offer to give you
                            the Prizm Crystal.  Required items are:

                            1. Bone
                            2. Doll
                            3. Bone
                            4. Crystal Fossil
                            5. Reaverbot Eye
                            6. Antique Bell
                            7. Giant Horn

                            Once you have collected these seven items,
                            a girl wearing a green dress will appear.
                            Talk to her to get the prizm crystal.

                            Hospital Girl:
                            Ira is a little girl in a wheel chair you'll meet
                            in the hospital.  Talk to her and her nurses
                            to find out that the hospital needs money for
                            technology for her treatmant.  Give the
                            money to the Mayor.  The total will be
                            15,000 Zinny.  Ira will then give you the
                            Flower Pearl item.


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